Kate Middleton Makes It Very Clear Which Side Of The Russia-Ukraine War She's On

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been vocal about their support for Ukraine during Russia's invasion of the nation, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, seemed to have snubbed the royal pair while giving praise to another (via Epic Stream).

Markle and Harry released a statement from their Archwelle website that read that they "stand with the people of Ukraine against this breach of international and humanitarian law and encourage the global community and its leaders to do the same."

However, President Zelenskyy has been appreciative of the support given by Kate Middleton and Prince William. According to Town & Country, he tweeted a message in honor of the couple. "Olena and I are grateful to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that at this crucial time, when Ukraine is courageously opposing Russia's invasion, they stand by our country and support our brave citizens. Good will triumph," he wrote.

Recently, Middleton further solidified her stance on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia on a special outing with Prince William.

Middleton has rallied her support around Ukraine

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently made a trip that solidified which side of the Russia and Ukraine conflict they are on (via Vanity Fair). The couple made a trip to the London Ukrainian Culture Center, where they helped to sort and pack donations for over one million refugees who have fled Ukraine. They even brought homemade brownies and granola bars for the volunteers.

While visiting the center, Middleton had an emotional reaction (via the Daily Mail). Wearing blue in support of the country, she teared up when speaking with other volunteers. 

Both Middleton and Prince William have been moved by the conflict in Ukraine. "It's very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you," William has previously said, adding, "We feel so useless" (via The Independent).

The royals haven't been useless, however. They have made donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), per the Daily Mail, and helped package many boxes full of much-needed items like food and pharmaceuticals for refugees fleeing the conflict. We're simply glad to see Middleton and William stand on the right side of history.