If You're A Gemini, This Is The House Plant You Should Get

Geminis are late spring babies, born between May 21 and June 20, and they are one of the most naturally curious signs in the Zodiac, which can be one of their best and worst traits (via Horoscope.com). It's that child-like curiosity that helps Gemini be so friendly, funny, and charming.

This air sign can get along with many types of people and adjust to changing social situations because they are so easily adaptable. This is due to their natural way of being able to talk to anyone, and always being up for trying new things. Since they are lovable extroverts, they make good influencers and comedy writers, but can also veer into politics (via Co—Star Astrology).

On the downside, Geminis tend to have short attention spans. Their desire to be involved in many activities, pursuits, jobs, and events can leave those around them having a hard time just keeping up with their constant flow of ideas. Symbolized by twins, Gemini signs often are accused of being two-faced, but while it's true that Geminis have a dual nature, they have very high emotional intelligence. Ultimately, to stay balanced in life, every sign needs a house plant, and we've found just the one for Geminis. 

Air plants are right up Gemini's alley

If you're a Gemini, you really can't do better than getting an air plant for your home — or even your office, where plants can often thrive. These quirky little plants don't require any soil and quite literally grow from thin air (via Better Homes & Gardens). After all, Gemini is an air sign, so they're beyond fitting. Ideal conversation starters, these plants are fascinating to look at and learn about. They stem from the warm climates of Central and South America, Mexico, and the southern part of the United States.

While you won't need any messy soil, you'll still need to water them and make sure they get enough light. They should ideally be watered at least once a week, and they enjoy humidity.

Air plants need bright light but shouldn't be directly placed in sunlight. Perfectly suited for friendly Geminis, air plants aren't usually sold as singles and tend to come in packs of six to 25 plants, likely because they can be quite small, especially when young. They can be positioned in terrariums or even hung up using magnets. With air plants, you can choose various inventive ways to display them around your home, which should bring joy to a Gemini's soul.