The Young And The Restless: Nick And Sharon Newman's Relationship Timeline

Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon Collins (Sharon Case) comprise one of those rare soap opera couples who managed to keep it together for years, sharing the trials and tribulations of any happy and healthy marriage as they raised two children together. Then, tragedy struck and tore this "The Young and the Restless" pair apart seemingly for good.


In the years that Nick and Sharon have been divorced, they have tried to make it work again several times, but it has never managed to happen. Both have married again more than once and they even had another child together while not actually staying together. Even in 2022, they are constantly in one another's orbit and still confess their deepest and darkest secrets to each other. Many fans insist they are endgame, meaning the story will eventually bring them together and give them the happy ending they've been waiting for since they first met as teenagers. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but you can now relive their love story below.

Nick and Sharon met in high school

Nick Newman had just returned from his posh European boarding school and Sharon Collins had just arrived in Genoa City with her single mom to start life anew. As high school seniors, they met and were immediately drawn to one another. However, Sharon was dating Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian) at the time. When Sharon tried to break up with him, he and Nick brutally fought and Matt assaulted Sharon. 


When Sharon and Nick were finally together, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) thought her son had found someone only after his money. Eventually Sharon earned the respect of Nick's father, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), after she offered to pay back money Victor had lent her so her mother could have surgery.

The romance between Nick and Sharon really heated up, and they were only in their teens when they decided to get married. Nick respected Sharon's wish to wait to have sex until their wedding night, according to Soaps in Depth, but he soon learned that Sharon had a baby she gave up when she was 16, before arriving in Genoa City. Sharon also had confessed that Matt had raped her and when Matt turned up dead, Nick was a suspect who was ultimately exonerated.


Nick and Sharon wed and became parents

Sharon was thrilled to be pregnant not long after she and Nick settled down as man and wife in a small guest house on his parent's property. Nick wasn't sure he was ready to be a father and this created a rift between the newlyweds. After baby Noah was born premature and he and Sharon thought he would die, that is when their family really became complete.


During this, Sharon's old friend from before her GC days arrived in town to be a comfort to her while Noah was in the NICU and decided she was going to find the little girl Sharon had given up several years earlier. Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis) eventually brought Cassie (Camryn Grimes) home, and Noah lived and thrived. Wanting to be a full family, Nick and Sharon got full custody of Cassie, who had been living with her adopted grandmother and was happy to let her live with her real mother, a new father, and a new baby brother. However, the next few years would prove to be rough.

Nick and Sharon endured stalkers and affairs

Some say Nick and Sharon married too young and that's why they were still drawn to other people, but sometimes, it was emotional turmoil that got in the way. Matt Clark turned out to be alive and assaulted Sharon again before being brought to justice. When Sharon got pregnant, she didn't know who the father was. After she gave birth to the stillborn little girl, she learned it was Nick's child. This dramatic moment didn't stop them from other affairs, as Nick slept with Sharon's BFF, Grace, and Sharon had a fling with Diego Gutierrez (Diego Serrano). In a weak moment, Sharon even kissed Nick's dad, Victor, which Nick didn't think he would ever be able to forgive her for.


Despite affairs, Sharon and Nick reconciled because as many fans still say, they are endgame. However, they suffered an unbelievable tragedy soon after a series of affairs that would change their lives forever.

Cassie Newman died, destroying Sharon and Nick

While Nick and Sharon navigated their marriage and extramarital affairs, Cassie grew up into a teenager who just wanted to be part of the cool crowd. That led her to sneak out of the house one night. Despite not having a license, she proceeded to drive a drunk Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) home, but a car accident claimed Cassie's life, leaving her parents devastated not knowing what to do next.


Sharon could barely cope with losing her daughter, and Nick ended up cheating on Sharon during their grief period with Daniel's mother, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Sharon could not forgive this affair because it was with the mother of the boy their daughter was driving and it was at a time when she needed her husband's comfort most. When Phyllis ended up pregnant, Nick divorced Sharon to marry Phyllis and she gave birth to their baby daughter, Summer. Sharon then impulsively married Jack Abbott, who Phyllis was with before her affair with Nick.

Nick and Sharon had another baby

The road to bringing Faith Newman into the world was a rocky one. Sharon's marriage to Jack didn't survive and neither did Nick's marriage to Phyllis. One night, Sharon and Nick made love and she became pregnant, but she was also not mentally sound and began doing strange things and losing chunks of time. She ended up in a mental health facility where she gave birth to a healthy little girl, but Nick's wayward brother, Adam Newman (then played by Michael Muhney), kidnapped her and gave her to Ashley Abbott, who had just lost her baby.


Adam then fell for Sharon without really trying and eventually gave Sharon her little girl back, whom she named Faith. Unfortunately, Sharon's state was a precarious one at this point and her life was still spiraling out of control. She still loved Nick, was drawn to Adam despite what he did to Faith, and ended up marrying Victor for a brief time. Things came to a head when she tried to burn down the Newman ranch and was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Nick and Sharon couldn't seem to get it together

Nick and Sharon never stopped loving one another although they had been divorced for years, but when Sharon went off her bipolar meds, she would become erratic. Nick wanted to give them another chance. However, he couldn't forgive her for sleeping with Adam. Still, Sharon wanted Nick back and even faked a paternity test to see once and for all if Nick was Summer's dad or if it was Jack. Summer was indeed Nick's, but for a while Sharon let Nick believe she was Jack's.


After that incident, Sharon started thinking she was losing her mind completely when she kept seeing visions of Cassie as a young adult. It turned out those visions were of a real person, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes), Cassie's twin who Sharon had no idea she had given birth to. Mariah was raised in less-than-ideal circumstances and was originally brought to Genoa City by Victor, who at this point was angry with Sharon and wanted to drive her mad.

Nick and Sharon tried to be together again

After Mariah and Sharon began to grow closer as mother and daughter, Sharon and Nick finally decided to marry again, but when Phyllis interrupted the wedding, Sharon confessed what she did with Summer's paternity test. Nick was furious and called off the wedding, leaving Sharon to fall for his half-brother, Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). When Sharon became pregnant, she and Dylan married. However, she miscarried and didn't tell him, thinking she could get pregnant again quickly. She knew she was not mentally sound, though, and checked herself into a mental hospital where her doctor wanted revenge on Nick for something he did to her in high school. She told Sharon she gave birth and handed her a baby she stole from Nick and his new wife, Sage (Kelly Sullivan). That baby was named Sully. 


Sharon and Dylan raised Sully together for a while, but Dylan eventually had to leave town to go into the witness protection program. Sharon also learned Sully wasn't hers, but kept him after Sage was killed in a car accident. She eventually gave him back to Nick, who named him Christian.

Nick and Sharon gave it yet another try

After decades of being together and apart, Nick and Sharon decided they were still in love and would marry again, much to Faith's delight. However, Nick slept with Phyllis one time while engaged to Sharon and when she found out, she dumped him at the altar.


Now in 2022, Nick has broken up with Phyllis again, while Sharon is married to police officer Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). While their lives may seem less dramatic now, Nick can't help but hang around Crimson Lights, the coffeehouse Sharon owns. Nick always feels more comfortable talking to Sharon than anyone else and she is always there to listen and dole out advice. Will they end up with each other again? If their "The Young and the Restless" history proves anything, the answer is likely, yes.