Everything You Need To Know About MDNA Skin, Madonna's Beauty Brand

Madonna has made an entire career out of turning heads. Since the Queen of Pop first hit MTV in the 1980s with songs like "Like a Virgin" and "Papa Don't Preach," she's earned a reputation as a boundary-pushing star. Madonna wouldn't be Madonna without her controversial wedding dress ensemble at the 1984 Video Music Awards or her signature fire engine red lipstick.


Since her early days, the singer has continued to make headlines for her looks. Recently, she's garnered attention on Instagram with her (sometimes risqué) selfies. The pop icon is over 60 years old, yet she's maintained her bottle-blond hair and flawless skin throughout the years. And for those who want to know how she manages to age so gracefully, you may not need a celebrity budget or professional esthetician to find out. Madonna's line of beauty products, MDNA Skin, promises, "baby soft, smooth, creamy, pale skin," according to Madge herself.

Madonna's MDNA Skin claims to heal skin with "holy water"

Madonna launched MDNA Skin in the U.S. in 2017, after first releasing the brand in Japan (via Elle). MDNA's masks were the initial stars, but today, it offers a range of beautifying products. From mist toners to nourishing serums, the concept is the same: Quality always beats quantity. MDNA's key ingredient is a simple yet luxurious thermal water from Italy. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Madonna explained, "These springs where these thermal waters flow, they've been around for thousands of years and people have been going to them to soak in the waters for anything from arthritis to eczema to psoriasis to any kind skincare ailment ... I love the idea that these healing thermal — I call them holy waters — are inside of the skincare line."


Aside from therapeutic water, MDNA relies on simple ingredients like rich olive oil and volcanic clay to boost skin. When combined with the brand's skincare devices (think skin rollers and application tools), the products promise to heal skin issues and remove impurities.

Items from MDNA range from around $15 all the way to $600, but some purchases give back. Madonna told Harper's Bazaar, "Every time someone purchases a Reinvention Cream, their money from that purchase will go to educating girls and making sure they have one year of schooling through my organization Raising Malawi ... They're not just putting cream on their face — they're also educating people so it's not all superficial."