Everything You Need To Know About Iman's Beauty Brand

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Chances are, everyone who loves fashion has seen Iman modeling at some point, as she's famous for her success in the modeling world. She's lived a unique, fascinating life with experiences that go far beyond glamorous parties and expensive clothing. According to The New York Times, the stunning model has a home in the Catskill Mountains that she shared with her late husband, David Bowie, as the two preferred privacy over constant attention from fans. While Iman's life seems to be full of excitement, fame, and fortune, she's experienced tough times as well, as she initially arrived in America as a refugee, and this humble backstory fueled her determination to succeed. In addition to being a successful model, she's also a mother. Is there anything she can't do? Because we think she's great at everything!

On top of all her other life experiences, Iman is also the founder of Iman Cosmetics, whose website describes the brand as one that produces "makeup for women of color." Retailers and outlets that sell her products include Walgreens and Amazon. Here's what you need to know before investing in products from this brand.

IMAN Cosmetics is all about diversity

Iman Cosmetics describes itself as being for women of color, which is a significant indication that the brand is considerate of different skin tones. According to Allure, Iman made sure to have a diverse brand since she founded it in 1994. Her team mainly consists of women of color, which shows that she believes in giving women of color a chance to succeed in the notoriously competitive makeup industry. We admire Iman's dedication to making sure that women of color have opportunities on her team.

During an interview with Taraji P. Henson, Iman explained how she's not afraid to speak out on the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. "So, Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell, and I got together a couple of years ago to raise awareness about the need for diversity in fashion," Iman told Henson. "We talked about it in the press and to the CFDA, and I think we're seeing the change on the runways and in campaigns" (via Harper's Bazaar). We're so happy that Iman is making a change in the modeling world!

Iman's an advocate for diversity and inclusion in both the fashion and beauty industries, and we're so happy to see her using her voice to make changes. 

Iman's beauty brand has products for your eyes, lips, and skin

While some brands only have eye makeup, lip products, or skin-perfecting makeup, Iman Cosmetics offers items that help enhance every feature. If you're looking for eye makeup, the beauty brand has many options. For example, it offers an eyeshadow product called the Eye Shadow Duo because it features two shades, with one being more subtle while the other is bolder. Currently available at Amazon for $13.99, these eyeshadows will have you covered for daytime or nighttime looks. Also available at Amazon is the Perfect Eye Pencil, a classic black eyeliner with a touch of shimmer, which is currently retailing for just $1.99. Anyone who wants to add some drama to their eyes should check out the Perfect Eye Pencil Seduction, a sparkly purple product perfect for nights out, which is available at Amazon.

Not only does Iman Cosmetics have stunning eye makeup options, but it offers makeup for enhancing lips, too. If you're looking for some shiny gloss, you should check out the Luxury Lip Shimmer, available at Amazon for $9.99. If you're looking for lipstick, Walgreens is currently selling its Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick for $8.99.

Iman Cosmetics has products for your skin as well. If you want a product that can even your skin tone, the Time Control Skin Tone Evener is currently selling at Walgreens for $16.99. Also available at Walgreens is the Second to None Semi-Loose Powder.

Iman Cosmetics has a social media presence

A strong social media presence is crucial for any beauty brand to succeed. Social media is an excellent way for brands to draw in new followers-turned-customers, inform people about new products, build engagement with followers, and get people talking about the brand. Instagram is one of the most prominent social media outlets for beauty brands to promote their products on, so, of course, Iman Cosmetics has an Instagram page.

Iman Cosmetics currently has 117 thousand followers. The page highlights the brand's passion for diversity, as its bio says, "Beauty designed for women who represent all ethnicities and skin tones." The page also encourages viewers to use #ImanCosmetics in their posts. While the feed has a stylish, cohesive look with beautiful pictures of its products, we noticed that the brand hasn't posted on its feed since 2020. While we love what we see on its account, the brand needs current posts to keep followers and consumers engaged.

Iman Cosmetics also has a YouTube channel, which features cute makeup tips and tutorials. This YouTube channel is lots of fun with great videos, but, like its Instagram page, recent content would undoubtedly help.

Iman Cosmetics' reviews are good overall

One of the best ways to consider whether or not we want to purchase products from a brand is to check out its reviews. Iman Cosmetics' products are currently available at Walgreens and Amazon. All of the products available at Walgreens have between 3 and 5-star ratings, and most of the products available at Amazon have at least 4-stars.

Allure gave a glowing review of Iman Cosmetics' Second to None Powder Foundation for its ability to cover imperfections and produce a gentle finish. The product even received a Best of Beauty Award from the outlet in 2010.

One YouTube video pointed out that Iman Cosmetics are more expensive than most other drugstore makeup brands, even selling for double the price of some brands. However, the YouTuber, Ariell Ash, explained that she believes that the products are worth the money because they're excellent quality. Looking at Iman Cosmetics' reviews, the makeup may be worth the high prices if you're willing to splurge on high-quality products from a brand that encourages diversity and inclusion.