Steven And Calah On How Life Will Be Different After Joe Millionaire - Exclusive

Viewers of "Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" were likely on the edges of their seats as its inaugural season came to a close. They were left wondering for all of Season 1 which bachelor was secretly a millionaire, as well as which women they'd choose in the end. In fact, that's precisely what differentiates this series from "The Bachelor" and other dating reality series. There's an extra level of intrigue and suspense that spices up the formula.

"Joe Millionaire's" Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee kept tight lips all season long about who they would ultimately choose in the end and which one of them was very rich. However, its first season, which is a spinoff of 2003's "Joe Millionaire," concluded recently with viewers learning that McBee is the millionaire bachelor. Moreover, they saw him pick Calah Jackson from the remaining contestants to be his partner (via E! Online).

Luckily, we at The List were afforded the chance to chat with McBee and Jackson about all things "Joe Millionaire." Among the stories and details they told us were how they'll adjust to life together, when they knew they were right for each other, and, of course, how life has been difference since the show. After all, viewers must remember that production on the show wrapped several months ago, so McBee and Jackson have officially been a couple but hiding it all of this time. 

Steven and Calah are excited to be out in public together

Now that the "Joe Millionaire" season finale has aired, Calah Jackson and Steven McBee get to be completely open and public with their relationship. After all, who wouldn't that? In our exclusive interview with the "Joe Millionaire" couple, McBee and Jackson revealed just how relieved they are to be living their full lives openly. For instance, McBee specifically mentioned how they haven't been able to post about each other on social media or be seen together, including going to restaurants or shopping.

"It's been a challenge, but for the most part, we've seen each other quite a bit, just haven't gone out in public," McBee told us. "We've been able to build on our connection, our relationship." He then added, "I've obviously never been in this scenario where I'm dating someone and literally can't talk about it."

Since filming, too, Jackson has moved to Missouri from Texas to begin her life with McBee. "Moving from downtown [Dallas] to middle-of-nowhere Missouri has been a huge change, but I love it so far," she explained. "It's been a little bit of an adjustment. It snowed here today. Yesterday, I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt in Dallas." Still, she remains excited about the life they're building together.

"Oh, my gosh, being able to go to a restaurant on a normal date is going to be amazing," McBee further explained when asked what they're looking forward to doing together publicly. "We are huge, huge foodies. We're looking forward to going out to Kansas City and eating at any and every restaurant we can," Jackson added.

You can catch Steven McBee and Calah Jackson in "Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" Season 1 on Hulu.