This Is The Real Bachelor Love Story, According To Twitter

While Clayton Echard's season of "The Bachelor" came to a close, many fans were less than thrilled that he dumped Susie Evans, only to get back together with her at the finale. Others were simply enraged at Echard's dismissal of his two finalists: Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. But the bombshell ending couldn't have come as too much of a surprise — because in true Chris Harrison fashion, host Jesse Palmer was on hand to promise "the most dramatic season ever," per Cosmopolitan. Though we've certainly heard that familiar phrase countless times before, fans would see things previously unseen in Bachelor history, such as when Echard's proposal was ultimately turned down.

While (as Windey pointed out), Echard seemed lacking in emotional intelligence, it's fair to say there could have been better behavior all around. From Echard's robotic and dry apologies to several women, to the ongoing toxicity displayed by villain Shanae Ankney, to the body shaming that occurred online, it seemed there was no shortage of bad vibes on Season 26. And unlike previous installments, Echard's season didn't have that big heartfelt, romantic moment. Though there was LOTS of drama, fans didn't exactly see the loving interactions they were hoping for — until they saw Windey's grandfather.

Gabby Windey's grandpa won all our hearts

When Grandpa John sat down to talk to Gabby Windey about his impression of Clayton Echard, he said that she should make sure Echard was the right one for her, because if she chose him, it was a life-long commitment. Similarly, he pulled Echard aside to joke that if it wasn't for life, he'd come back to haunt him. Per Bustle, Grandpa John's interaction with Windey took an emotional turn when he shared: "I don't think I could love anybody as much as I love you .... and my wife." 

In a season devoid of the big "I love you" moment that fans were hoping for, Windey's relationship with her grandfather struck a chord. Viewers loved his sense of humor — that time when he called his granddaughter a "loveable dingbat," per Bustle — as well as his ability to take Echard to task. Should "The Bachelor" ever launch a spinoff series for seniors, Bustle reported the likelihood of fans being here for Grandpa John. Naturally, Windey's grandfather was also in the audience of the final episode to support his granddaughter. "Gabby's grandpa and Rachel's dad in the corner of the screen! I'M SCREAMING," one fan tweeted. And, as Bachelor Nation posted to Twitter: "THIS. This is the love story we needed."