How Eileen Davidson Helped Catch An Enraged Fan Who Was Sending Her Death Threats

"Days of Our Lives" fans know that Kristen DiMera is one of the most complicated characters on the NBC soap opera. The character, who has often been played by actress Eileen Davidson, can go to great lengths to get what she wants out of life, and she's proven that she's ruthless and scheming too many times to count over the years (via Soap Central). However, Kristen also has a lot of emotional baggage, which, at times, leaves fans rooting for her instead of against her.

Kristen has kidnapped, stolen babies, committed adultery, drugged people, blackmailed, and even organized attacks on people in Salem. This means that Davidson knows all too well what it's like to play a character that's gone off the rails and causes trouble for the people around her. However, life in the spotlight hasn't always been easy for the actress (via Soaps). In fact, she previously had to deal with some scary and intense personal drama that seemed like it could have been ripped from an episode of "DOOL."

Eileen Davidson recalls a scary situation with a DOOL fan

During an interview on Soap Opera Digest's podcast, Eileen Davidson opened up about playing Kristen DiMera on "Days of Our Lives," and how seriously some fans take her bad girl role. The character of Kristen is known for trying to come between Salem super couple John Black and Marlena Evans, but Davidson wasn't prepared for the amount of hate she would get from viewers over her character's behavior.

"Those hardcore Marlena/John Black fans," Davidson confessed. "Oh. My. God. That is like a whole different animal, people. I had death threats against me. One woman was taken out of one of the fan events by security. She had threatened me said she was going to knife me, and she was writing me on a regular basis, threatening me," the actress recalled (via Soaps). Davidson revealed that the woman wrote to her so often that she had started putting the pieces of the letters together and found out that she had attended a fan event. 

The actress then got security involved and eventually found the woman. Once they knew the person's identity, Davidson revealed that security kept a close eye out for her during the next fan event, and eventually confronted her. "They carried her out in the middle of the next fan event. She was screaming, 'I'm harmless! I'm harmless!'" the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star stated.

These days, Davidson says that she plays it safe when it comes to fans, and that she's been instructed to no longer respond to fan mail due to safety issues.