General Hospital Alum Kimberly McCullough Called This Co-Star The Greatest Actor I've Ever Worked With

Kimberly McCullough started playing Robin Scorpio on "General Hospital" way back in 1985 when she was just 7 years old. She grew up before our eyes, working with many stars along the way, including Emmy winner Finola Hughes, who has played Robin's mom, Anna Devane, since the start.

When McCullough and Robin were both in their teens, the young actress got to play out a heartbreaking story in which Robin fell in love with a young man named Stone Cates who had been living on the streets. When they decided to have sex, Stone took an HIV test that came back negative and Robin used birth control pills, so they didn't use a condom. Later, Stone learned he did indeed have AIDS and eventually died, while Robin learned to live with HIV, and is now a wife, mother, and successful doctor living in California.

During that time, McCullough got to work with an actor who is still on the show to this day and who she admires so much that she sent him a sweet birthday wish in 2022.

Kimberly McCullough honors Maurice Benard

When Stone Cates was dying from AIDS, his best friend, who had taken him in off the streets and became his mentor, Sonny Corinthos, helped take care of him and he and Robin grew close. At the same time, Kimberly McCullough got to know Maurice Benard, who has played Sonny since 1993. When Benard celebrated his birthday on March 2, 2022, McCullough gave him a shoutout on Instagram.

"Happy Birthday to the greatest actor I've ever worked with," McCullough wrote. "Who makes everyone around him better every day. I'm so happy you were born. Love you! @mauricebenard."

Benard saw the message and replied with a simple, "No one makes me cry more than Kimberly. I love you 2."

In August 2021, McCullough appeared on Benard's YouTube mental health show "Maurice Benard: State of Mind" and their mutual admiration shined through, as it does every time Robin makes a return to Port Charles and pays a visit to her old pal, Sonny.