Who Is Christian's Mother On The Young And The Restless?

On "The Young and the Restless," fans can assume that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is still raising little Christian Newman, the little boy he fought so hard to keep. It's just that Christian hasn't been seen in quite a while and when a soap kid is not seen for months or sometimes years, they can miraculously age overnight. While that will likely happen to Christian eventually, for now fans can assume he is about 7 years old and still living with the man he thinks is his dad while getting to know Nick's endless parade of new girlfriends.

But what about his mother? New fans might not even know how this little boy ended up with Nick, or even that Nick is not his biological father. Yes, Christian has had quite an eventful life for a kid who should still be in grade school, so how did it all start?

Poor Christian's mother died when he was a baby

Sage Warner Bingham (Kelly Sullivan) arrived in Genoa City in 2014 to help Adam Newman (then played by Justin Hartley) assume the identity of her dead husband, Gabriel Bingham. Adam had just had plastic surgery to look like Gabe after he had been presumed dead in a car crash. However, it was Gabriel who died instead. Eventually, Sage met Adam's brother, Nick Newman, with whom she fell in love.

Despite loving Nick, Sage got drunk one night and slept with Adam. When she learned she was pregnant, she had no idea who the father was but a paternity test proved it was Adam. Since Adam had not yet revealed his true identity, he fudged the paternity results to make it look as if Nick was the dad.

Soon, Sage and Nick married. When Sage gave birth to Christian, she was told he had died, but didn't realize he was given to Sharon Collins (Sharon Case) and her then-husband, Dylan (Steve Burton) to raise. Sharon truly thought the baby was hers and named him Sully. When she and Sage discovered the truth, Sage got in a car crash and died while holding an infant Christian in her arms.

Nick eventually learned the truth about Christian, as well, including the fact that Adam was his biological father. Even so, Nick retained custody of the boy who may be a teenager by the time "The Young and the Restless" fans see him again.