If You're An Aries, This Is The Perfect Pet For You

Having a pet can add so much happiness to your life because they are a constant companion who is always there for you and love you back. (Of course, a dog will probably love you more openly than, say, a pet snake.) It's not shocking to learn that owning a pet can also have health benefits such as "less loneliness, better blood pressure, better psychological well-being, lower rates of depression and stress levels," and more, per CNN. Having a pet will make you a more responsible person, too, as you have to take care of another life because you have to "feed your pet, clean it, ensure that it is healthy, and give it enough exercise," per Great Performers Academy. That ultimately makes you "more responsible" in your personal, professional, and social lives, making you "a better person." Isn't that enough for you to go get yourself a little friend?

When choosing a pet, you have to consider your lifestyle and personality, plus the pet's personality. According to Astrology Zone, if you are an Aries, you are "highly ambitious and a natural-born leader" with high "energy and enthusiasm," and you want to choose a pet to match that. You would be most compatible with a pet who matches your "loyal and smart" traits, and we have the perfect ball of energy to keep you busy, entertained, and stay a life-long friend. If you guessed dog, you are exactly right, but there's one certain breed that's best for this fire sign.

Dogs are full of energy, just like Aries

How often do you watch cute puppy videos and say "aww" because they are so darn cute? Dogs are always up for walks and playtime, and if there is any pet that would go perfectly with your "bold and passionate" personality, it would be a dog, per Elite Daily. The outlet recommends an energetic puppy as the ideal match for Aries because both of you are "full of tons of energy and constantly moving," and only you can match "the amount of attention" an enthusiastic puppy constantly requires. Puppies need attention 24/7 unless they are sleeping, and you have the ability to keep up with it running all over the place. How often do you see a little puppy just sitting around and chilling?

Now that you know that your perfect pet is a dog, it's time to find out what dog breed is best for your zodiac sign because, well, there are so many. Astrology Answers recommends a beagle for you because they are "fun-loving and brave." Given Aries' "independent and eager to learn" personality, a beagle is "easy to train," active, and loves to "go on lots of walks and adventures." It definitely looks like they would be your best buddy while running errands or hiking because they have the vivacity. If you prefer a bigger dog, you can always go for German shepherds because they are "headstrong and a natural leader," just like you (via Reader's Digest). We guarantee they will be your best friend for life, just don't forget some puppy training classes.