Here's Who Gregory Will Really End Up With In Bridgerton, According To The Books

While Netflix is known for producing wildly popular scripted series like "Stranger Things," "The Queen's Gambit," and "You," none of their programs compare to the global phenomenon that is Shondaland's "Bridgerton" (via Deadline). The romantic drama, based on Julia Quinn's novels, was watched globally by "a record 82 million households," per Deadline. The series was quickly renewed for Season 2 — and a third and fourth seasons — which is set to premiere on March 25 on the streaming platform (via Marie Claire). While Season 1 focused solely on the eldest Bridgerton daughter Daphne's romance with the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, Season 2 is centered on Anthony Bridgerton's search for ever-lasting love. "Bridgerton" is even getting a spinoff, per Variety.

While show-runner Chris Van Dusen told Variety that this upcoming season will "pick up Anthony after we've seen what he's been through with his mistress," and explore "concepts of duty and honor," there are many more Bridgerton family stories to explore both on the page and on the screen.

Gregory Bridgerton's love life is exceptionally complicated

Acclaimed author Julia Quinn published eight novels as part of her best-selling "Bridgerton" series (via Town & Country Magazine). Each edition explores the love life of one of the Bridgerton siblings. While Daphne and Anthony currently have the spotlight, fans of Netflix's on-screen adaptation remain curious about what the future holds for the rest of the family. For details about the youngest Bridgerton son's search for love, we can turn to Quinn's eighth novel, "On the Way to the Wedding."

This novel reveals that Gregory has fallen madly in love with the already-engaged Hermione Watson. Luckily for the hopeless romantic, Hermione's best friend, Lucy, decides to help Gregory win her affections (via Tea & Strumpets). Unfortunately, Gregory instead falls for his confidant, Lucy — who is also engaged to another. While Gregory's search for love is riddled with many trials and tribulations, he ultimately weds his one true love, Lady Lucinda Abernathy, by the end of the book (via Express). Naturally, it may be a while before we see this love story play out on Netflix, as Gregory is very young on the show at the moment, but now we at least know what story line may potentially play out when it's his turn to shine.