The Bold And The Beautiful Relationship Timeline: Maya And Rick

Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) and Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) of "The Bold and the Beautiful" made daytime TV history as a couple that offered many firsts in terms of diversity while staying in the tradition of a true soap opera love story, with all the typical twists and turns. 

There were family objections to their relationship, baby drama, earth-shattering secrets, and what seemed like a happy ending onscreen. During the time they spent on "The Bold and the Beautiful," they were one of the show's more popular pairs, despite how nontraditional they were.

Unfortunately, Rick and Maya didn't have a happy ending offscreen as they broke up while living abroad with no real explanation as to what happened. Maya just said that things didn't work out, but, since this is a soap, we might one day find out that there's a secret she never shared. 

Still, how did it all begin for Rick and Maya, an unlikely pair nobody ever saw coming? Let's dive into their entire relationship timeline.

Maya arrives in Los Angeles looking for a baby

When Maya Avant made her debut on "The Bold and the Beautiful," she had come to the soap's fictional version of Los Angeles in search of a baby girl she claimed was her own. She couldn't believe it when she was told that the baby had died. But, later on, fans learned that the baby had not belonged to her at all and that she was looking for a friend.

Still, Maya decided she liked LA, and, when she met a man named Rick in a restaurant, she thought he was a server and allowed him to take her on a tour of Rodeo Drive. Later, Maya learned that Rick was really a very wealthy Forrester heir and worked for the design house Forrester Creations. 

Things didn't work out for Rick and Maya in the beginning, so he returned to Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) and married her. But, when Rick caught Caroline kissing Ridge Forrester, he took Maya back and even moved her into the Forrester mansion with him. 

Little did he know that Maya, who was now a model at Forrester, made sure Rick would witness that kiss.

Maya becomes lady of the manor, and her sister arrives

Maya was thrilled when Rick placed her portrait above the fireplace in the Forrester mansion where the late Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) portrait used to hang. 

She was happy to be the lady of the manor but was not so happy when her sister Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) arrived in Los Angeles because Nicole knew something Maya didn't want anyone else to know yet. She was transgender and actually born Myron Avant. But she changed her name to Maya when she transitioned from male to female.

When Bill Spencer learned the truth, he ensured that the press found out, and Maya knew she had to confess, so she told Rick the truth when he proposed to her. Maya was sure Rick wouldn't want her anymore, but he surprised her when he said he was in love with her and didn't care that she was transgender.

Rick and Maya marry and have a baby

Rick's family accepted Maya with open arms as they planned a big wedding, but, when Maya's parents arrived, her father, Julius Avant (Obba Babatunde), did not want to attend the ceremony because he was not yet accepting of the fact that he now had a daughter rather than a son. However, Julius finally came around the day of the wedding, and the newlyweds looked forward to a life together.

Eventually, Rick and Maya decided they wanted to become parents, so Nicole agreed to have a baby for them using her egg and Rick's sperm. Although Nicole didn't want to give up baby Lizzie when she was first born, she realized she had this baby for her sister, and Rick and Maya welcomed a daughter into their lives before leaving town to work in Europe. 

When Maya returned, she had Lizzie with her but not Rick. She told the Forresters that she and Rick had broken up — but she didn't say why. Fans have not seen Maya since, and that was in 2020, but the door has been left open for a Rick and Maya reunion.