If You're A Libra, This Is The Perfect Pet For You

Born between September 23 and October 22, Libras are often all about creating justice and fairness in the world. They are often looked upon as peacekeepers and are not fans of confrontation, according to mindbodygreen. Libras would prefer to find ways to do what is right for all. They are considered principled, diplomatic, and centered.

In friendships, Libras are agreeable, but they aren't doormats. They tend to look for what works for everyone involved, including themselves. Intelligent and inquisitive, they enjoy learning about people, culture, and the world. They can be idealistic and are very good listeners (via Cosmopolitan).

This charming and acquiescent nature makes them easy to fit into numerous social circles, which they like because they enjoy the attention. Libras are known to fit in with everyone. Wildly romantic, they crave having a partner to share their life with.

Though easygoing, Libras enjoy living the good life and are enthusiastic shoppers, enjoying elegant and high-quality items. When it comes to pets, this mellow, amorous sign looks for traits that they possess themselves.

The best pet for Libras is a pair of lovebirds

As pet owners, Reader's Digest asserts that lucky Libras are best suited to not one, but two pets — a pair of lovebirds. After all, for the highly romantic air sign, two is a perfect balance, and lovebirds mirror their own desire to share their life with someone. Be warned, they can be mean to each other at times, and that might disturb Libra's sense of fairness. However, the birds beauty and style would likely make up for it. Though not expensive pets – according to Parrot Website, a single bird can start at $40 — they possess grace and sophistication.

In addition, one thing that would light up a Libra is the fact that lovebirds are monogamous for life (via Smithsonian). When the birds find a mate, they are committed until the very end, something a romantic Libra would staunchly approve of, and happily discuss with anyone who visited their home. Other points of discussion might be how lovebirds feed each other or how when one lovebird dies, the other exhibits unusual and erratic behavior, becoming depressed over the loss. That can also happen if they are forced to live alone in a cage with no social interaction with another lovebird.

Since lovebirds require a lot of attention, they can become Libra's soulmates and provide years of satisfying companionship.