The Bold And The Beautiful Relationship Timeline: Brooke And Eric

Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook have been bringing Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester to life since the day "The Bold and the Beautiful” first premiered over 30 years ago (via The Wrap). In fact, they are the only performers on the soap in 2022 who can say they have been there since day one.

While Brooke and Eric seemed like an unlikely pair on "The Bold and the Beautiful" — especially due to their age difference — they managed to marry twice and have two children together. Decades after they first met, Brooke and Eric still share a deep bond of friendship and are able to turn to one another when everything seems to go wrong in their lives.

However, Brooke — along with her husband Ridge — find themselves meddling in Eric's life just a little too much and sometimes he doesn't like it. For example, when Eric had bedroom troubles with his current wife, Quinn Fuller, Brooke was right there trying to find out what was really going on, not realizing that Eric had sanctioned Quinn's affair with Carter Walton so she could get what he could not give her in their marriage. But, when alcoholic Brooke drank on New Year's Eve, kissed Deacon Sharpe, and blew up her latest marriage to Ridge, Eric was there with a shoulder to cry on because that is who they are to one another.

Brooke and Eric meet, Brooke wants Eric's son

The moment college student Brooke Logan laid eyes on rich playboy Ridge Forrester, she knew she wanted him and thought she could get him (via Soaps In Depth). However, he was already involved with the sweet and seemingly-perfect Caroline Spencer. While Brooke managed to get Ridge into bed, thinking she finally landed her man, he chose Caroline in the end and Ridge's father, Eric Forrester, was there to lend comfort.

That comfort turned out to be more than just a listening ear and Brooke and Eric slept together despite the fact that he was already married to Stephanie. When Brooke found herself pregnant, she wanted to end the pregnancy, but Eric insisted on divorcing Stephanie and marrying Brooke. Soon their son, Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr. was born and they seemed to be a happy couple. However, after Caroline died from cancer, Ridge was free and looked pretty good to Brooke.

Brooke and Eric divorce, but there's a long-standing secret

Per Soaps She Knows, Brooke and Eric's marriage fell apart when he caught her having sex with Ridge at Forrester Creations fabric laboratory where Brooke worked as a chemist. While Brooke and Ridge got together for a while, he ultimately married Taylor Hayes, but Brooke found herself pregnant and didn't know who the father was — Eric or Ridge? A paternity test confirmed Ridge as Bridget's father, but several years later, Brooke and Ridge learned that Sheila Carter had switched the paternity results because she wanted Eric for herself and Eric had fathered both of Brooke's children.

Several years went by and through the magic of soap opera aging, Bridget was a young adult who impulsively married an older man named Deacon Sharpe. Brooke and Deacon slept together and Brooke ended up pregnant, but she seduced Eric so she could pass him off as her new daughter's dad. The truth soon came out about baby Hope's true paternity, but Eric forgave Brooke for her lies.

Brooke and Eric marry again, but it doesn't last

In 2005, Brooke and Eric decided to give love a try one more time and remarried in a Las Vegas elopement (via Soaps She Knows). When they returned, Eric fired Stephanie as his co-CEO of Forrester Creations and put Brooke in her place, but Stephanie later learned her father had set up a trust for her that allowed her to become the sole owner of the company and that put a crimp in Brooke and Eric's latest marriage. They divorced and Eric eventually remarried Stephanie and stayed with her till her death from cancer in 2012. In fact, Stephanie even died in Brooke's arms.

As of this writing, Eric and Brooke remain close with Brooke constantly putting her nose into Eric's business — especially when it comes to Quinn — but he is used to it by now. They know that romance is never in the cards for them again, but they share do share two adult children together, as well as grandchildren, and will always be a part of one another's lives.