Luann De Lesseps Publicly Apologizes After Getting Kicked Out Of Bar

Luann de Lesseps has arguably been one of the most iconic housewives of "The Real Housewives of New York" to hold an apple. She's been there since the very beginning, and viewers have watched her completely transform over the duration of its 13 seasons. The etiquette- and- stature-obsessed Countess she debuted as would hardly recognize — and definitely not approve of — today's cabaret singing, all-night partying Luann that fans have grown to love (via Us Weekly). Whether you love her or love to hate her, you can't deny she has provided quality TV throughout her years — and an endless array of iconic quotes that have become staples in every "Real Housewives" fan's vernacular. 

While she's certainly had some highs, Luann has also went through some serious lows that were publicly aired out. Who could forget that floral dress mug shot? After Luann's whirlwind marriage, it became clear to viewers that she was heavily relying on alcohol. It all hit a boiling point when Luann got arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, that racked up the three charges of disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer, per Refinery29. With the entire conflict caught on camera, it was a rocky time for Luann, but she rose out of the ashes and became a sober cabaret star that "RHONY" fans idolize. The same fans were floored to realize that after all this time, history may be repeating itself.

Luann got aggressive with bar customers

Luann de Lesseps has been very open about her sobriety journey. After candidly sharing her commitment on the show, matters have begun taking a turn during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Luann, she relapsed by drinking during quarantine but decided to quit again, as she explained to Us Weekly. "Relapse is a part of recovery and each time I get closer to being the person that I want to be, and that's someone who is sober," she told the outlet. "I ultimately am so much happier when I don't drink."

Her clear commitment made it all the more confusing when Page Six announced that a drunk Luann was kicked out of piano bar Townhouse in Manhattan on March 17. Fans were dumbfounded to hear that she had drunkenly attempted to hoard the piano at the bar and perform jumbled up versions of her songs as the crowd boo'd until she had to be "thrown out for getting aggressive with the bar's customers." 

As the story unfolded, the Countess shared a public apology on Instagram, where she explained, "I want to apologize to the staff at Townhouse and anyone else I may have offended with my behavior. Clearly my struggles with alcohol are real," before adding, "While I've made great strides over the years, there's been times I've fallen. It's one day at a time! I'm in recovery and taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again...I'm in recovery and taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again. I'm grateful to my family and my friends for their constant support."