37 Best 2022 Mother's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

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Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the mothers and mom figures in your life. Of course, that means your OG mom — a.k.a. your biological momma — but don't forget to honor grandmothers, aunts, friends, and other mothers in your friend circle. In addition to these worthy women, it's also time to shine a bright, sparkly light on women who have mentored you, taking on the role of a mom-figure in your life.

With so many women to celebrate, it's best to have a fresh batch of unique Mother's Day gift ideas for inspiration. If you're like most people, the goal is to find a thoughtful gift that will resonate and wow the crowd. Unfortunately, sifting through the endless sea of flowers, jewelry, and trinkets can be overwhelming. So, we have made that more manageable and included unique Mother's Day gift ideas that will have the moms on your list laughing, swooning, and maybe getting a little misty-eyed with emotion.

In other words, this Mother's Day gift guide is for all the magnificent moms, gracious grandmas, and fabulous female-identifying mommas out there. So, here's the best 2022 Mother's Day gifts for every type of mom.

How we picked products

Mother's Day is steeped in sentiment. For example, did you know that more phone calls are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year (via History)? With such emotional roots, gift-giving is often a more thoughtful process. The role of being a mom changes with the times, so we've searched the internet for gift guides from the past five years, which provided a jumping-off point and determined some category titles.

From there, a careful review of the National Retail Foundation's Mother's Day Data Center helped further develop Mother's Day gift ideas that would accurately reflect what consumers are looking to purchase. Additionally, we sought to incorporate current cultural trends and gifts that achieve a common goal — unique Mother's Day options. This research helped shape the categories, and we selected products based on reviews and ease of website navigation and ordering.

In the end, the best 2022 Mother's Day gifts for every type of mom are a blend of products from popular categories — like flowers — and ideas inspired by recent social trends. 

For the mom who knows how to slay a bold earring

The versatile color palette and on-trend look of these bold earrings are great gifts for moms whose superpower is accessorizing. These chunky statement earrings usher in a pop of spring hues with seafoam green and magenta beadwork. Better yet, baubles from Ink + Alloy are especially empowering on Mother's Day since it's a woman-owned brand (via In The Know).

The Navy Magenta Brass Frame Rainbow Beaded Post Earrings are available from Ink + Alloy for $45.

For the mom who binge-watches Schitt's Creek

"Ew, David," leave the scaly skin to the crows because your momma deserves to be pampered. Instead of the usual flowers, give mom what she really wants — glowy skin and some peace and quiet to binge-watch "Schitt's Creek." Beekman 1802 launched an exclusive Rose Apothecary line of products made with milk from the owners' very own goats. It channels the very essence of the show's famed general store — in both quality and aesthetic.

The limited-edition Whipped Body Cream is available on Amazon for $25.98.

For the mom with a green thumb and whimsical outlook

If your mom has more plants than outfits, you'll need to up your game for Mother's Day gift-giving. Help mom create a plant-based menagerie with these cutie patootie planters — plan accordingly, because you'll need time to do a little soul-searching to choose between the many whimsical options. According to People, it's a great gift for dog lovers. But, if mom subscribes to the philosophy that T-Rex + short arms = hilarious, there's a planter for that too. Giraffes, hedgehogs, and Corgis — oh my!

LIKHÂ offers more than 35 varieties of fair trade coconut fiber animal planters, ranging from $35 to $65.

For the mom who deserves a whiskey-infused milkshake

Breakfast in bed will have a tough time competing with whiskey-infused milkshake moments. Ballotin offers eight varieties of chocolate whiskies that can help you blend up some new Mother's Day traditions. Choose from caramel turtle, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate cherry cream, and more. Whether you mix up a new Old Fashioned or opt for the boozy peanut butter milkshake suggested by Forbes, you'll earn major chocolatey brownie points for creativity.

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskies start around $25 and are available at local stores and Drizly.

For the mom who likes to uplift communities and smell nice while doing so

The 7 Virtues brand creates vegan, sustainably sourced, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free perfumes. The ingredients are intentionally sourced from countries recovering from war, and the Lotus Pear scent is particularly special. Not only is it hailed by Allure as a gorgeous spring scent, but proceeds directly support Days for Girls, an international nonprofit working to "shatter the stigma of menstruation" (via Girls for Days).

Need more convincing that this is the Mother's Day gift to go for? More than 90% of Sephora reviewers recommend it. 

Sephora offers The 7 Virtues Lotus Pear rollerball perfume for $30, and the 1.7-ounce eau de parfum spray for $85.

For the mom who is dismantling the patriarchy

Let's hear it for the bad-*ss moms who inspire us to raise our voices and celebrate our beautiful bodies. Comfy feminist-centric gifts are Vogue-approved, and for a good reason. A statement sweatshirt is an excellent gift for moms that prioritize advocacy. If you're looking for a gift that celebrates your brilliant biological mom, brazenly-bold bonus mom, or fiercely female transgender mom, this sweatshirt celebrates their inherent natural beauty.

Amazon sells this feminist statement sweatshirt for $29.99.

For the bookworm mom looking for an epic mother-daughter story

The image on the cover of this book speaks volumes about the bond between mother and daughter. "Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter's Love Story in Black and White" brings together themes of motherhood, history, and the legacy of Black entertainer and songstress Eartha Kitt — known for the Christmas song "Santa Baby."

The book was written by the songstress' biological daughter, Kitt Shapiro, and follows the story of their three decades spent traveling the world due to Kitt's career. Not only is it an authentic portrayal of the legendary singer, but the book serves as a "cultural history," given that Kitt — who presented as Black — had a daughter who presented as white (via Pegasus Books).

A hardcover copy of "Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter's Love Story in Black and White" sells for $16.69 on Amazon.

For the mom who wants to shake up her family photo game

If your mom has a stairway with walls covered with family photos, here's a unique family portrait idea for Mother's Day. The artists at Portrai Me create collections of symbolic drawings, using one-on-one guidance from you directly. Describe memories and tell them about the unique stuff you want to represent in the artwork, and boom — you have the perfect gift for mom. 

If you're looking for additional inspiration, it's also how Hilary Duff's husband, Matthew, proposed, as she explained to Vogue during her final wedding dress fitting. "This is the book that Matthew proposed with," she said. "It's all about our love story, and it's illustrated with these beautiful sketches and pictures of us, and our whole entire story mapped out." 

Artwork on Portrai Me ranges from $89 to $399.

For the mom who is a little nutty about squirrels

It might be your mom, grandmother, or auntie, but there's a good chance someone in your family is straight-up nutty for squirrels. If you're required to listen to exceedingly detailed tales of squirrel shenanigans when you chat on the phone, then the now-iconic squirrel picnic table is a worthy gift (via Buzzfeed).

Sure, one reviewer had a chat with the squirrels, reporting back that, "The squirrels have rated it six-stars for convenience." But you probably logged onto Amazon as soon as you saw that red umbrella.

The Squirrel Feeder Table with Umbrella is available on Amazon for $25.99.

For the mom who values the Islamic tradition of Ihsaan

Haute Hijab designs hijabs that are elevated yet modest. The brand is all about comfort, style, and empowerment — and is basically winning in all three areas. In fact, it's even caught the eye of Muslim basketball phenom Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, who was the first Muslim woman to wear hijab in Division I collegiate-level basketball (via Haute Hijabs, Instagram).

Created to honor the Islamic tradition of ihsaan — channeling beauty and excellence in all you do — Haute Hijabs offers textures and prints for mom's every mood. Plus, if your mom is crushing her athletic goals, they've got FlexFit Sport Hijabs too!

Hijabs start at $20 on Haute Hijabs, and also include giftable hijabs that will make mom feel special.

For the mom who requires proper Zzzzzs to feel at ease

A good night's sleep will make mom feel as well-rested as a spa visit. So a quality pillow is like having a massage therapist on-staff — dedicated to mom's rest and rejuvenation. The sleep experts at Sleepopolis recommend the Purple Harmony Pillow for its responsive support and honeycomb air-flow design that stays nice and cool. Add to that the Good Housekeeping 2021 Best Bedding Award, and purple just might be mom's new favorite color.

Offered in three different heights, the Purple Harmony Pillow can be purchased on Amazon starting at $143.

For the mom who has always been your North Star

Jewelry is one of the top Mother's Day gifts, and for a good reason — each piece feels unique and special (via NRF). But investing in jewelry can quickly get expensive, so CNN recommends AMYO as an affordable fine jewelry option. In addition, the brand offers plenty of celestial baubles, including this starburst beauty. If there's a mom figure who always encourages you to reach for the stars, you may want to honor that meaningfully. Also, it's just so darn sparkly.

The Celeste Starburst Necklace is available at AMYO for $95.

For the mom who deserves to put her feet up and relax

What should you do if you've got one of those mommas that stands by your side with unwavering devotion? Say thanks by swaddling her tootsies in hot pink fuzzies, of course. Arch, a celebrated Black-owned business, makes super cozy slippers that give moms permission to just chill (via Insider).

The fluff-a-thon look is on-trend, but also imparts a Dr. Seuss-esque vibe for a super luxurious, low-key wink to all those bedtime stories she read to you.

Arch sells the Plush Edit Slipper for $110.

For the mom who sets new standards for hosting game night

Momma bear's got a sense of humor, so honor that this Mother's Day with battling monster bears and babies. Is it a grizzly? Is it hilarious? It's both — and a heck of a way to spice up family game night. The classic game is rated for ages 10 and up, but you can upgrade to edgier adult humor with a NSFW expansion pack.

The game's popularity has prompted over a million views of funnyman cartoonist Matthew Inman's Bears vs. Babies tutorial. With over 4,000 five-star Amazon reviews, the makers of Exploding Kittens have created a game that's the polar opposite of boring.

You can buy Bears vs. Babies on Amazon for $24.99.

For the mom who will be impressed by your wine wisdom

Look at that; it's as if Audrey Hepburn just stopped over for some elegant al fresco sips. Every mom deserves to feel that special, and guess what? You can achieve this whimsical wine scene for under $15 with Cellier de Dauphins.

Set up a little charcuterie on the porch or balcony and spend some quality time with mom while sipping this blush beauty — one of the best rosés to drink outside. Plus, casually mention that the Côtes du Rhône region of France is known for its sun-drenched wines and wow mom with your wine-wisdom (via Martha Stewart).

Cellier des Dauphins Les Dauphins Cuvee Speciale Rosé is available at Wine.com for $11.99.

For the mom who loves a lazy-day brunch

The Clarkson Avenue Crumbcake Co. triumphantly proclaims, "Of course; you can eat cake for breakfast!" And with its inch and a half deep layer of buttery crumb topping, it's no surprise it gets rave reviews from Taste of Home. Crumb cake, coffee cake, call it what you will, but Mother's Day brunch just isn't the same without it. It's also a great Mother's Day gift to ship directly to the deserving recipient.

Clarkson Avenue Crumbcake Co. offers plenty of tasty options, including classic crumb cake, apple, raspberry, and gluten-free — starting at $20.99.

For the mom on the run

This is for the mom in your life who knows what it means to hit the ground running. ObservaMé running tops are designed to include a watch-opening, which provides nonstop visual access to your watch or wearable tech (via Women's Running). Better yet, the Black-owned business is the brainchild of female marathon runner — and attorney and former law school assistant dean — Karen D. Fultz-Robinson. ObservaMé athleticwear is unique enough to be a memorable gift while also delivering kick-butt functionality.

The Women's Benitoite Hoodie sells for $110 at ObservaMé.

For the mom with the million-dollar smile

You know that phenomenal feeling you get when you make your mom smile? Well, the Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige wants to dial up that feeling about a thousand notches. It's designed with fancy technology that adapts to the user's brushing style, providing feedback via the app. Also, this sonic savior will auto-adjust the intensity if you annoy mom, causing her to brush her teeth with a vengeance.

Although the technology comes at a premium price, the review from YouTube's Electric Teeth raves about its whitening features and ability to remove 10 times more plaque than other premium brush heads.

Amazon carries the Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige for $389.

For the mom who sticks with it on the yoga mat

Yogi mommas prioritize balance, self-care, and time on their yoga mat. These women understand that balance takes practice and steady footing. Sticky Be Socks make oodles of styles of sticky-grippy socks that are as expressive as they are functional (via Well + Good). Reviewers agree. "They are warm and comfy, and the sticky bottoms work well in barre and yoga class."

There are enough styles and colors to delight the special mom in your life who is into yoga, pilates, barre, or anyone looking to be sure footed on freshly waxed floors, of course. 

Sticky Be Socks begin at $15, and full-toe grip socks are $16.

For the mom who is keen on the classics

SP Books sells dreamy literary gems — replica manuscripts of some of the most beloved books in history. See great works in their original handwritten form, complete with the author's scribbles, doodles, and edits. The folks at SP Books are treasure hunters, searching the globe for original manuscripts to preserve and share with adoring bibliophiles. As such, The Guardian featured the brand for its groundbreaking release of the handwritten manuscript of "The Grapes of Wrath."

This is a special gift for any mom in your life that adores books or with whom you share a personal connection to a particular story.

Manuscripts start at $120 at SP Books, and "Alice in Wonderland" is $170.

For the mom who will cherish forever flowers

Flowers are a popular gift for Mother's Day — a beautiful but ephemeral joy that will soon wilt and fade. But these breathtaking bouquets are handmade from crepe paper; can you even believe it? Yes, an actual human — a creative and endlessly patient soul — painstakingly creates these whimsical forever flowers. 

With nearly 70% of shoppers buying flowers for Mother's Day, gift guides usually include lovely flower recommendations. Still, Unwilted flowers will ensure that your gift steals the show (via NRFGood Housekeeping).

Single stems begin at $18, and peony bouquets start at $85.

For the mom who finds humor in the chaos of motherhood

Look closely; the scene depicted on this mug is utter madness. There are UFOs, flying dinosaurs, monsters, and mythical dragonfish-thingys (via Mashable). At a quick glance, it's nothing but chaos, but there's an element of humor and beauty that closely mirrors a typical day in the life of a mom. 

There's some next-level multitasking happening here, and any momma with a sense of humor would proudly declare this their new favorite mug.

Calamityware sells dinnerware, cards, prints, and gifts. This pattern is called "Things Could Be Worse," and mugs sell for $21.

For the mom who appreciates our deeper connections to food

Food is more than just a plop of mashed potatoes on your plate. There's so much meaning and interconnectedness in growing, harvesting, cooking, and sharing food. So, these two books are worthy gifts for all the mommas who explore and celebrate food within their families, communities, and cultures.

Take a cue from Oprah, who often suggests meaningful books (via Oprah). First, "We Are Each Other's Harvest" is a collection of essays, poems, photos, and conversations that speak to the history and reclaiming of Black Americans' connection to farming. Also, a collection of short reads, "You and I Eat the Same," shines a light on how food connects us regardless of our backgrounds or political beliefs.

"We Are Each Other's Harvest: Celebrating African American Farmers, Land, and Legacy" is available on Amazon for $19.79.

"You and I Eat the Same: On the Countless Ways Food and Cooking Connect Us to One Another" is available on Amazon for $9.19

For the mom who is all about that eco-friendly gardening life

Eco-mom would likely take a hard pass on a heart-shaped plastic tchotchke, regardless of how well-intentioned the gift. So instead, lean into her love of gardening by gifting some Wool Garden Pellets. These little sustainable nuggets hold lots of moisture, so mixing them into the soil keeps plants happy. After six months, they're fully biodegraded and become a further extension of the soil.

Do you know what else eco-moms will love? The pellets naturally repel slugs, phew! (via Wild Valley Farms).

Made from upcycled wool scraps, the Wool Garden Pellets are available at Housework for $12.

For the mom who goes beyond the typical family tree scrapbook

It's not weird to ask mom to spit into a cup — as long as it serves a higher purpose, like helping her create the ultimate family tree. She talks about it at family parties, so jumpstart the process with a 23andMe DNA kit to get detailed ancestry reports. The kit offers a double whammy of perks — it's a heartfelt gift that you can buy last-minute (via Business Insider).

The 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Kit is Amazon Prime-eligible and sells for $99.

For the mom with a funky aloha spirit

Learning to play music can help lift your spirits and boost your brain's memory mechanism (via Harvard). Add to that; sometimes mom laments that she never learned to play an instrument. For less than $100, a ukulele just might be the coolest gift she has ever received.

The string instrument experts at Fender suggest the ukulele — with only four strings — as an excellent instrument for first-timers. Moreover, it's easy to learn to play actual songs early in the process, with free online courses like Andy Guitar's, with over eight million views. Plus, it's so compact that it won't set off mom's clutter radar.

Ukuleles start at $19.99 on Reverb, and the surf-themed ukulele is $89.

For the mom who is always on Team Tea

If you learned at a young age to not mess with momma's tea time, then investing in a special tea kettle is a heartfelt way to honor mom's me-time. There's a tea kettle for every mood and personality — from whimsical-hippy to formal tea-time — and everything in between.

Whether your favorite matriarch loves tea for its beneficial flavonoids or just likes to relax with a steamy mug, a cozy kettle is a memorable gift. With that in mind, Old Dutch tea kettles have a devoted fan-base who go so far as to say that the tea kettles are special enough to be "your next family heirloom."

Old Dutch tea kettles start at $15.48 on Amazon.

For the mom who deserves her own Food Network show

You know it, she knows it, but somehow The Food Network missed the memo. Mom's cooking skills and witty kitchen banter outshine most cooking show stars, and she deserves something genuinely extraordinary this Mother's Day. Smithey ironware creates hand-forged cookware with a rustic elegance reminiscent of luxe-styled magazine layouts (via Gear Patrol). Plus, you can have the artisanal pieces engraved.

Additionally, it's noteworthy that reviewers not only rave about the craftsmanship — yielding 4.9 out of 5 stars — but refer to the Smithey staff by name, a sure sign of excellent customer service.

The Carbon Steel Farmhouse Skillet is available at Smithey for $275.

For the mixologist momma

With premium cocktails so in vogue, there's a good chance there's you've got a mom, aunt, grandmother, or friend that fancies herself a mixologist. Of course, she's got all the specialty glasses, muddlers, and accessories, but how about a smoke box?

The Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Box adds flavor to any cocktail and a bit of joushy over-the-top pizazz (via Esquire). The smoking box even comes with smoking wood chips to get her started as soon as she opens it. So it would be best if you planned to be there in person to enjoy the showy-sips.

The Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Box is available at Williams Sonoma for $299.95.

For the mom who loves an elevated cozy aesthetic

All that most moms really want is to feel comfy and cozy. Well, that's true just about any time of the day, and a long, luxe cardigan guarantees an elevated aesthetic that's perfect for extended work days or lounging alike.

The folks at Pendleton Woolen Mills have had a storied history of craftsmanship dating back to the days of yore — since 1863, specifically. What's more impressive is they've stayed on-trend and boast nearly 450,000 followers on Instagram. Take, for example, this earthy open-front sweater, which — if you're lucky — mom might let you borrow for festival season.

The Women's Graphic Open Front Cardigan is available at Pendleton for $299.

For the mom that's convinced the family dog is from a royal bloodline

If you got straight A's, a big job promotion, or saved a kitten from a burning building and mom didn't notice because Fido just "did the cutest thing" (again), it's time to rethink the gift. In other words, give mom what she really wants — more details about the dog to obsess about, of course. And honestly, we're right there with her because all dogs deserve the royal treatment.

Within the DNA gifting niche, it's important to ask, "does it work?" Well, the folks at BuzzFeed Video put their best — and funniest — man, Eric Tabach, on the job. He put the kit to the ultimate test, much to the delight of the video's 426k viewers, and sent in his own DNA rather than his dog's, and the results — and subsequent science-guy interview — confirm it's Mother's Day gift-worthy.

The Embark Dog DNA Test is available on Amazon for $99.

For the mom who fancies herself an ice cream connoisseur

Across the country, there are people with one arm that's curiously more toned than the other. These are the nation's ice cream scoopers, and they're about to make you a Mother's Day hero. Sure, you might be lucky enough to live near one of Salt & Straw's ice cream shops, but the rest of us are left out. Luckily, it's just as easy to order their freshly churned ice cream online.

There's a flavor for every momma out there, from Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper to Pear and Blue Cheese. They're not messing around here, folks; Salt & Straw is the upper echelon of ice cream creators, so, it makes sense that the brand's Instagram feed has 367k followers. They've even launched a vegan collection of ice cream in honor of the one and only Lizzo, being sure to clarify that it's "100% dairy-free, 100% decadent, and 100% that b*tch."

Salt & Straw's offers variety packs or a 'pick-your-own pints' option; both start at $65.

For the mom who deserves to be draped in (machine washable) silk

It's not uncommon to want to spoil mom with luxurious fabrics; they deserve it, after all. But some moms want the best of both worlds — fancy fabrics that don't need to be dry cleaned. So, we're introducing LILYSILK's Washable Silk Short Pajama Set, which is available in eight colors.

Not only is the set machine washable, but it also meets the brand's standards for zero-waste, more sustainable practices. The brand, which offers a full clothing line, is a go-to for stars such as Viola Davis. Add to that YouTuber Tabby Violet's review, which has over 18k views, and it makes for an easy 'yes' to add a silky splurge to mom's holiday haul.

The Washable Silk Short Pajama Set is available at LILYSILK for $129.

For the mom who can never have enough candles

Aerangis candles promise something we all deserve, especially moms — tranquility. The Secret Garden candle is a medley of warm, welcoming scents like vanilla, tea, and olibanum (fancy talk for frankincense). It's one of those candles — so special — it can be gift wrapped and delivered in confidence. The packaging, presentation, and scent make it clear that this is no clearance rack wannabe candle.

For this reason, Aerangis' Instagram feed frequently logs comments from happy followers who note the candles are "beautiful" and that they're "looking forward to following along" on the brand's rise to candle-stardom. But it's not just the look and magical scent; one fan acknowledged Aerangis' attention to the bigger picture, saying, "Thanks for using non-toxic ingredients."

The Aerangis 8oz Secret Garden Candle burns for 50 hours and sells for $78.

For the mom who claims 'just a card' is fine but secretly yearns for cashmere

Moms speak their own language; fictional, satirical linguists refer to it as "momanese." Now perhaps you're fluent in said language, but most of us are just wandering the streets aimlessly, fist raised to the sky, shouting, "What does she really want?"

So, here's the deal; she wants cashmere. But she also wants you to save your money and be financially stable. No worries, State Cashmere's short-sleeved cashmere sweaters are a reasonable splurge at $100. If that's not impressive enough, consider this. Hao Rong, the founder of State Cashmere, has upended the cashmere game with his shepherd-to-consumer business model. Cashmere is notoriously expensive, so mom will be pretty impressed.

The Crewneck Short-Sleeve Sweater is available in nine colors at State Cashmere for $100.

For the mom that needs stylish theft-proof travel accessories

If your mom is living her best life jet-setting across the globe or logging big road trip miles, this anti-theft satchel is a sure thing. Loaded with security features like "slash-proof" fabric, locking zippers, and RFID credit card protection, this bag looks great and provides peace of mind. It's just the right size to carry the essentials and offers a little nook for backup battery storage and a cord access opening for headphones.

Travel awareness is on the rise, according to Statista, which notes that manufacturers continue to ramp up production to meet our demand for better, safer travel accessories. So, save mom from wading through the internet's offerings; Baggallini offers every shape, size, and option she may need.

The Securtex™ Anti-Theft Slim Crossbody Bag is available at Baggallini for $98.

For the mom who deserves a treasure chest full of treats

This one is a no-brainer. Snack Magic offers a mind-boggling array of snacks, treats, and goodies — yup, over 3,000 brands! Choose from one of their curated snack-tastic gifts or gift mom a build-your-own box so she can cram it full of pure, unadulterated joy. Moreover, the site makes searching a cinch; filter by dietary restrictions or favorites like candy, bread, broths, frozen treats, meats, truffles, popcorn, and more.

It's important to note that Psychology Today suggests that a good gift is to simply ask your mom to share some wonderful stories with you. We wholeheartedly agree, but we'll also be hedging our bets with chocolate and crunchy-salty snacks. "Why?" you may ask. Although we know our moms pretty well, a study conducted by Groupon revealed that 45% of those surveyed had no idea which foodie things were mom's favorite. Uh-oh, cue up the Snack Magic!

The Build-Your-Own Stash option at Snack Magic begins at $45.