Dr. Oz Is Seeing Red Over His Recent Letter From Joe Biden

Dr. Mehmet Oz went from being the host of "The Dr. Oz Show" to a politician in no time (via Britannica). He was known as a surgeon at New York's Presbyterian Hospital, but after writing his first book, "YOU: The Owner's Manual," he became a household name. He visited "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and the rest was history.

"The Dr. Oz Show" ran for 13 seasons and was fairly popular (per Politico). However, the show came to a close as Oz decided to take on the race for Pennsylvania senator. Oz is running as a Republican, hoping to step in with ease to fill the seat left vacant by the conservative Senator Pat Toomey.

The race will be close; Republicans are hoping to keep the seat — but Democrats are looking to steal it. However, a recent move by President Joe Biden has Dr. Oz seeing red as he continues his campaign. 

Dr. Oz is not happy with the Biden Administration

While in the White House, former President Donald Trump appointed Dr. Oz to the President's Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition (via the Guardian). Now that Oz is running for Congress, President Joe Biden's administration wants him to resign.

One of Biden's assistants, Gautam Raghavan, issued a statement that read, "On behalf of President Biden, I am writing to request your resignation as a Member of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition." He continued, "Please submit your resignation to me by the close of business today. Should we not receive your resignation, your position with the council will be terminated effective 6:00 p.m. tonight."

Oz was furious over the threat of termination (per TMZ). Oz tweeted a video paired with a caption that read, "I received this letter on behalf of @POTUS requesting I resign from the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. It's sad that he would politicize such an important issue like health. The doctor he should ask to resign is Dr. Fauci, for a multitude of obvious reasons."

He added that he has no plans of resigning from the council.