Host Mark L. Walberg Reveals If He And His Wife Would Go On Temptation Island - Exclusive

Each season of "Temptation Island," the audience meets a group of couples who have reached a crossroads in their relationship. They come to a beautiful island resort, where the pairs are separated and spend their time apart with a group of attractive singles. The journey can be an opportunity to rebuild and strengthen their relationship or for it to fall apart.

The host Mark L. Walberg is there for the couples at the beginning of the show and when they rejoin during the explosive bonfire episodes. With Season 4 currently airing on USA Network, Walberg sat down for an exclusive interview with The List. During his conversation, the host shared his perspective on the show as a happily married man. He also revealed if he and his wife would ever consider going on "Temptation Island" and if he uses his relationship as an example for the couples on the show.

Would Mark and his wife go on Temptation Island?

As the host of "Temptation Island" Mark L. Walberg does his best to advise couples who have reached a crossroads in their relationship. Walberg comes at the situation from the perspective of someone who's been married for over 30 years. His wife, Robbi Morgan Walberg, is an actress known for her role as Annie in the 1980 "Friday the 13th." The pair appear to have a healthy and happy relationship, and while speaking about her, Walberg said, "She's really, arguably, far more talented than I am. I happen to be on TV right now."

But, no matter how strong their relationship is, Walberg said there was "no way in hell" they'd go on "Temptation Island." Explaining his reasons, Walberg said, "We engage in conversation that's really intimate and really deep and really confrontational and really honest all the time, but ... I don't think there was a time in our life when we would've chosen to do that in a public forum. Robbi is a very private person."

Are there any reality shows they would go on?

Although they wouldn't be interested in going on a show like "Temptation Island," Mark L. Walberg didn't completely rule out going on any show together. He suggested they could try their skills on a home renovation show. "She's got really adorable design eyes," he said. "I like to build stuff for her, mostly because when I take on a project, that means I don't have to do any of the other chores."

But, as far as a competition show, he said his wife, Robbi, would love to go on "Dancing with The Stars." "I think she would love for us to be partners on 'Dancing With The Stars,'" Walberg said, "which isn't the format, and I would make her lose. She's great, but I suck." However, later in the conversation, Walberg changed his mind and said if they were allowed on the show as partners, they could sweep the competition. "We would probably win because we like to kill it together," he said.

Does he use his relationship as an example on Temptation Island?

Although Mark L. Walberg has found a way to sustain a happy relationship with his wife, he doesn't use that to tell "Temptation Island" participants what they should do. "I really don't try to use my relationship as a model of anything. What works for us works for us." Walberg said.

While he doesn't want his relationship seen as any kind of template for others to follow, he still offers advice to the couples based on his personal experience as he would in any conversation. "My relationship is a very long one, which means that we've had to battle quite a bit over lots of things because life is messy," Walberg said." That's why when I say stuff at the bonfire, it doesn't come from a PhD. It doesn't come from having gone to school to learn this. It comes from a rough and tumble, beautiful relationship that I have and what I feel like I've learned, or at least I can share, and you can make your own decisions of whether it's worth it or a load of crap."

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on USA.