The Truth About Euphoria's Dominic Fike

HBO's "Euphoria" has skyrocketed the careers of young actors like Dominic Fike. The show premiered in June of 2019, and has become notorious for a dark yet artistic portrayal of serious teen issues, including drug use and abusive relationships. Fike was first seen in the "Euphoria" cast as Elliot in early 2022, alongside stars like Zendaya and Jacob Elordi (via IMDb). While previously known for his original music, Fike quickly became a household name for viewers of the show.

To "Euphoria" fans, it's well known that Fike's Elliot and lead character Rue meet at a party and become fast friends who share a penchant for illicit drugs, and then end up being involved in a messy love triangle with Hunter Schafer's character Jules. While Elliot and Rue begin to create a personal bond that stems beyond their shared drug use, Jules and Elliot also get closer due to their concern for Rue's wellbeing. We may have caught a glimpse of both his musical talents and acting chops, but what is the truth about "Euphoria" star Fike?

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Dominic Fike moved to LA to pursue his dreams

Naturally, the "3 Nights" singer moved to Los Angeles in early 2019 (via Naples Daily News). Between his thriving music career and the new exploration of his acting ability, it makes perfect sense that Dominic Fike would be living in the city of angels. In fact, his house in LA has a rather famous attachment — famed drummer Matt Helders. "You know I live in the house that one of the people who plays in Arctic Monkeys was in? I think the drummer? I feel his ghost down there," Fike told NME in 2020. 

Prior to this move, however, Fike was actually a sunshine state kid. He and his siblings were born and raised in sunny Naples, Florida. When asked in an interview with his hometown newspaper Naples Daily News if he ever travels back to his home state, Fike responded "Yeah, I do. I was there pretty often before all the COVID stuff. I just got my mom a house there. So I'm going to go see that when the time's right. My mom's in Naples. My brother's in Naples."

Dominic Fike is rumored to be dating his Euphoria co-star

Dominic Fike and Hunter Schafer may have started their on-screen love affair while filming season two of "Euphoria" in 2021, but it seems that the actors have transitioned that chemistry to an IRL relationship. According to People, the pair were first spotted together holding hands while leaving the West Hollywood restaurant The Nice Guy in January 2022. From there, their romance seemed to continue blossoming when the singer-songwriter posted a sweet birthday photo for Schafer on Instagram, in which the two shared a kiss (via People).

In an interview with Variety, Fike referred to his co-stars Zendaya and Schafer as "the nicest people ever," and noted that the trio shares plenty of laughter on set. While the couple has yet to officially confirm their relationship, W reported that they did make a stunning appearance together at the 2022 Oscars Vanity Fair party looking very up close and personal. Between the PDA and obvious chemistry between their "Euphoria" characters, fans could be seeing a lot more of these two together in future. 

Dominic Fike has collaborated with some huge artists

Aside from his breakout acting role in "Euphoria," Fike has already built a truly successful music career. From his 2018 EP "Don't Forget About Me, Demos" to his 2020 album "What Could Possibly Go Wrong," the rapper and singer has amassed more than 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The multi-talented artist has become so influential that he's even been endorsed by the former President Barack Obama. Obama previously shared his 2019 favorite music picks on Instagram, with Fike's radio hit "3 Nights" making the cut.

In addition to his personal achievements in the music industry, he has also worked with several major artists. One of his crowning moments was being put front and center on Sir Paul McCartney's album "McCartney III Imagined." Fike's version of "The Kiss Of Venus" was clearly impressive to the former Beatles rocker, as it became the lead single of the album. Other names have been attached to Fike's musical prowess, including Halsey and Justin Bieber. On his work with Bieber, Fike told Variety "Justin is like LeBron James. He's like a real serious athlete when it comes to music." Judging by the great leaps he has already made in each of his artistic endeavors, it seems that Fike is not far behind.

His tattoos have significant meanings

Among the many distinguishing traits to note about Fike are his visible body tattoos, some of which are inspired by his family. Per NME, the apple-shaped tattoo directly under his eye was inked as a tribute to his sister, named Apple. The actor and musician is quite family oriented, telling NME that supporting his family with his lucrative career is of the utmost importance. "I wouldn't know any other way of measuring it," he says of his personal view on success.

Apple isn't the only one to have gained some decorative real estate on Fike's face, however. Spending time with his older brother Sean led him to befriend local musicians in Naples, Florida, and this later translated into Fike joining lameboyzent — a Naples-based rap group. While his days as a member of the collective are over, they are forever memorialized with the initials "ENT" on his forehead. So, hanging with his big brother while growing up sure left a mark.