Fans Are Tired Of Hearing These Lines On The Bold And The Beautiful

Sometimes, when watching "The Bold and the Beautiful," the audience gets a clear sense of deja vu. After all, with only 30 minutes to tell stories each day, many characters spend much of their time talking about the same things over and over rather than doing much. 

And they often say the same things to one another. That was especially so early in 2022 when fans felt like they were hearing the same lines repeatedly. From praise for Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) to what little Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) spotted through the window as 2021 turned into 2022, there was a whole lot of repeat dialogue as the year got off to a start, according to

As of this writing, "The Bold and the Beautiful" is starting to get away from some of these repetitive lines but is sure to add more as new stories and extensions of existing stories take form. 

Were you also tired of hearing your favorite characters say these lines as if they were on a loop?

Yes, Douglas did see Grandma kissing Santa Claus

Douglas Forrester should not have been wandering around the Logan estate at night, but he was, and, when he made his way over to the main house, he saw Grandma Brooke kissing a man in a Santa hat. What is a little boy to think except that Grandma was kissing Santa Claus?

This fascinated him, and he spent weeks telling anyone who would listen. The Logan side of his family blew him off at first, but, when Mommy Hope (Annika Noelle) realized that Douglas was talking about her mother kissing her father, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), when she was married to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Hope did everything they could to make Douglas stop talking about Santa and kisses.

But Douglas didn't listen. Instead, he went to his Forrester family, and they actually asked the boy to elaborate. Douglas was so happy someone was taking him seriously that he even figured out that Grandma was kissing Mommy's daddy. Phew. Now he could stop repeating that line, at least.

We know: Paris Buckingham is amazing

Has there ever been a character as incredible as Paris Buckingham? Probably, but don't tell this to the people in her circle in the fictional version of Los Angeles on "The Bold and the Beautiful." They're always asking, "Isn't Paris the greatest at [anything imaginable]?" 

To them, Paris is the GOAT. At everything. She can design dresses. She has impeccable skills when it comes to running a charity. She is sweet, friendly, and helpful. And she can even sing, like when she surprised everyone by singing the National Anthem at an LA Dodgers game.

It's no surprise that she has men fawning over her. Zende Forrester (Delon De Metz) believes she is the love of his life and wants to marry her. Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) did fall for her, but she let him down easy, saying she just wanted to be friends. Isn't she the greatest friend? 

Now, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) can't get enough of Paris, but at least the feeling is mutual.

Brooke can't imagine why she drank on New Year's Eve

Brooke Logan Forrester spent the first few months of 2022 asking herself and those around her, "Why would I drink?" As of this writing, she still hasn't figured it out, so she is still asking that question because drinking and lying about what happened afterward might have cost Brooke her latest marriage to Ridge. 

She doesn't want to give up, but she also wants to get to the bottom of her own psyche because she doesn't remember drinking alcohol that night. She knows she kissed Deacon Sharpe and ended up in bed with him, where nothing naughty happened, but she was sure she poured herself a glass of sparkling cider.

As of this writing, New Year's Eve was two months ago, and Brooke is still asking herself, "Why would I drink?" Well, Thomas and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) now know exactly why she drank, according to Will they do the right thing and fill Brooke in?

Ridge is perplexed about Brooke

Until Ridge Forrester learned that his wife, Brooke, drank on New Year's Eve, kissed her ex-lover, and woke up in bed with him, he knew something was going on that he wasn't aware of. He just couldn't quite pinpoint what it was.

"Something is going on with Brooke," was all he could say to his two grown children. That made Steffy and Thomas determined to find out what was going on with Brooke, so they did. It also made them believe their parents would now get back together.

It's a good thing that Thomas' son, Douglas, saw Grandma kissing Santa because, eventually, everyone managed to figure out what was going on with Brooke. And, when Brooke told Ridge the truth, it got ugly. He started a brawl with Deacon and was stunned when Brooke didn't take his side. That moment was the nail in the relationship's coffin — for now.

Bill is taking a very long time to prove himself

Poor Bill Spencer. Known as Dollar Bill in the social media world, the publishing mogul has made mistake after mistake with women, especially his ex-wife, Katie, the mother of his son, Will. 

Bill cheated on Katie with Brooke way too many times, and, every time Katie thinks he has turned over a new leaf, weakness sets in again. Now, he is trying once again to prove himself. And he's been doing this for the better part of a year.

"Bill is working hard to prove himself to me," is all Katie can utter when it comes to her ex-husband, according to The audience might not see Bill and Katie for months, but whenever Katie pops up to chat and gossip with her sisters, she tells them all about how Bill is working hard to be a better man for her. 

Will Bill hurry up with his self-improvement project already so Katie can get on with her life?