This Is Rueby Wood & Aria Brooks' Favorite Scene From Better Nate Than Ever - Exclusive

If you need that final push to pursue your wildest dreams, then you definitely need to watch Disney's new movie "Better Nate Than Ever."

The family film tells the story of 13-year-old Nate Foster, who aspires to one day star on Broadway. The first thing he must conquer, however, is landing the leading role in his school play — which is something he has yet to do. After learning of an open casting call on Broadway from his best friend Libby, Nate becomes convinced by his BFF to make it his mission to prove once and for all that he has what it takes to make it big.

While we walked away from the film feeling inspired, the young cast walked away with new friends. Rueby Wood (who plays Nate) and Aria Brooks (who plays Libby) became just as close as their characters over the course of filming. The two were always hanging out off-set and even stayed in the same hotel together. "It was just a blast," Wood shared during an exclusive interview with The List.

Out of all the fun times they had filming, there was one scene in particular that Wood and Brooks had the most fun starring in together.

This specific scene had 'a lot of emotion behind it'

When it came time to put the finishing touches on "Better Nate Than Ever," the cast was called in to act out some scenes to be placed throughout the credits. "It was our last couple weeks of filming, so we were all, like, super close, and it was just this energy," Aria Brooks told The List. "We always have good energy on set, but it was a different kind of energy that last week or two."

As Nate and Libby are leaving school at the end of the movie to tackle their next big adventure together, the actors playing them were also filming their final scenes before heading off to tackle new projects. "Those scenes were so amazing, because, like she said, we had gotten so close, and there was a lot of emotion behind it," Rueby Wood told us.

As they sing and dance in those last few scenes (and also shed a few tears), audiences everywhere should know that the emotions were truly genuine. "Because in those days, we could just truly, like, just let go and have fun," Wood said. "And it was just some of the best times."

"Better Nate Than Ever" is available to stream now exclusively on Disney+.