Bachelor Nation's Andi Dorfman Shares Happy Relationship News

Andi Dorfman is no stranger to public relationships. She competed to find love with Juan Pablo during Season 18 of "The Bachelor," and — after quickly becoming a fan-favorite — she became a star on "The Bachelorette" where she ultimately chose to start a relationship with Josh Murray (via Entertainment Tonight). While her romance with Murray didn't last — the Bachelor Nation pair called off their engagement the year after the finale — her love life has remained a hot topic of conversation.

Neither Pablo nor Murray ended up making the cut, but Dorfman recently found love with someone outside Bachelor Nation. Last year, the star posted a cryptic photo on Instagram that appeared to confirm she was in a new relationship without showing us her partner's face or giving their name. 

Luckily, it took just a month for Dorfman to reveal the lucky guy's identity: Blaine Hart. The pair fell quickly and recently announced that they are engaged! According to People, Hart proposed to Dorfman on the beach. After the announcement, many Bachelor Nation fans were quick to wonder who Hart is and how he and Dorfman fell in love.

Andi Dorfman met her fiancé through mutual friends

Andi Dorfman kept her relationship with her now-fiancé quite private considering her very public persona. Blaine Hart is not a member of Bachelor Nation, and he never watched Dorfman when she was on "The Bachelorette," according to E! News. Because of this, Dorfman vowed to protect their relationship a bit and slowly revealed bits and pieces of their love story. 

"I wanted to protect Blaine a bit from the world of the public eye, and I didn't want that to play a role in our relationship," Dorfman told People. "But it's fun for me to share it now, and it makes me feel really good to see that people are truly happy that I finally found love."

The happy couple reportedly met through mutual friends, but the details to the story make their relationship sound like fate. During an Instagram Live, Dorfman revealed that the pair first met at a party 15 years ago. They met again when they were both in Italy and happened to run into each other (via E! News). How romantic!

Andi Dorfman helped pick out her own ring

Andi Dorfman announced her engagement on Instagram with a simple caption: "WORTH THE WAIT!!!!" She also included the diamond ring emoji. Zooming in, you can catch a glimpse of the rock on her finger, which she and Blaine Hart designed together, according to People. They also worked with the same jeweler who created Dorfman's mothers ring. 

"I love that it is more traditional with the halo and split shank but mostly, I love that I look at it — and as cheesy as it sounds — it symbolizes so much love and happiness," Dorfman told People. "I love, too, that Blaine visited my parents in Atlanta to ask both of them for their blessing and even called my sister to ask for hers as well. That just epitomizes the kind of man Blaine is."

As for the wedding, the pair told People that they envision an Italian wedding to signify the place where their budding relationship began. After years of searching for love, fans can't wait to see Dorfman finally walk down the aisle and marry her one true love.