If You're A Sagittarius, This Is The Perfect Pet For You

The decision to get a pet is a big one. Most cats, dogs, birds, and other pets that are given away each year are done so either because the pet wasn't a good fit with the owner (via ASPCA). So it's paramount to take your lifestyle and perhaps your zodiac sign into account before deciding on a pet. Zodiac signs can guide you in identifying everything from the type of person a Sagittarius shouldn't marry to locating the perfect houseplant.


Those born under the Sagittarius sign, between November 22-December 21, are natural wanderers who have been described as friendly yet blunt people who no such thing as indoor voices (via Co-Star). They also love nothing more to explore outdoors and be one with nature, except maybe having an in-depth discussion about it. 

Eternal deep thinkers, Sagitarrians want to understand how the world works and take everything in.Though they have a tendency to get caught up in their mind's explorations and may veer away from promised tasks, they can still make great pet owners. They just have to incorporate their pet into their daily routine.

A Siberian husky would appeal to a wandering Sagitarrius

According to Reader's Digest, the best pet for a Sagittarius is a dog that embodies the same desire to be active outdoors. Sagittarius have distinct good and bad characteristics, including a natural dislike for being controlled and aversion to clinginess doesn't mean that they wouldn't be good dog owners. On the contrary, they want someone to share their sense of freedom and exploration, and man's best friend may be just the ideal blend of companion and friend.


Siberian Huskies suit the fire sign's innate need for exploration. These huskies have a core need to run, so long hikes together would make both pup and owner happy. The American Kennel Club describes this breed as both outgoing and mischievous, a perfect blend for the assertive Sagittarians. Siberian Huskies are also rank very high in playfulness, adaptability, and openness to strangers.

Huskies are also naturally curious and want to see everything the world has to offer. Vetstreet says that huskies are highly intelligent and have a good sense of humor, two traits that Sagitarrians possess. They truly enjoy life as do optimistic Sagittarius.

Australian shepherds also make a great pet for a Sagittarius

Australian shepherds would be another ideal dog for Sagitarrians who are always on the look for their next endeavor. These shepherds need to have something to do all the time. They are working dogs who thrive on playing, running, and working, according to the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA).


Since they were bred to work, these dogs are often used to help keep livestock under control. When they aren't given the opportunity to work their body and minds, they can become unsettled. In fact, like restless Sagittarius, they have the tendency to get into trouble when left to their own devices.

You'll need to devote a lot of time to keeping Australian shepherds busy. If left at home, they can destroy the house by chewing on furniture and personal items just from sheer boredom. Like Huskies, Australian shepherds are good-natured dogs that have a great sense of humor and enjoy playing the day away, just like Sagittarius.