How The April 1 New Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

The only thing that represents new beginnings quite as much as spring is a new moon — so you can imagine the power that having both coincide can hold. April 1, 2022's new moon happens to take place just as we're beginning to spot the trees blossoming outside. Renewal is all around. Everywhere you look, you're reminded of how every cycle has an end and a beginning, and what better than the new moon to grant you the power to embrace newness and embark on a new journey. Bustle points out the importance of this new moon landing in Aries season. Aries are all about risk-taking and bold moves, and this new moon is no exception.

Don't be fooled by this April 2022 new moon landing on April Fools' Day, its energy is anything but. This Aries new moon urges you to make bold decisions that you've been toying with, start that new project you've been putting off, and above all else — jump head first into everything. Astrologer Narayana Montúfar spoke to Refinery29 about how this is the ideal setting to embark on new journeys, as the new moon's energy is guaranteed to help give them a shove towards success. Montúfar explained, "At its highest vibration, Aries is the unapologetic leader, ready to charge ahead on its goals. We should all strive to embody this archetype when chasing some of our loftiest goals." But in order to truly understand your purpose under the new moon sky, it's important to understand how it affects your zodiac sign.

It's time for Aquarians to speak up

As wise and intellectual as an Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) is, you can often be shadowed by your desire to seek asylum in silence, per CoStar. However, there is power behind your silence. Aquarians often consider themselves loners, as they choose to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Well, it's time to toss that energy out. 

This new moon takes place in Aquarius' third house of communication, and Elite Daily suggests you open up and share your wisdom. Speak up and improve your communication, put words — not just actions — to your feelings and you'll be surprised how the world will respond. Too often have you told yourself that there is nothing to be gained from amplifying your voice, but under the sky of this new moon, light up the darkness with your bright words. 

Cosmopolitan recommends you dig deep and uncover what it is you want to say. Our words have power — power to affect others and power to realize our manifestations, so choose wisely and speak with confidence. 

You're closer than you think, Aquarius

With spring fully springing, it's crazy to think that we're already a third of the way into 2022. The time has flown, but your goals haven't. At this pivotal turning point, Aquarius, you may be feeling that you're far from your goals. Reflecting back on the big New Year's resolutions you set for yourself, it may feel daunting to reflect on your journey towards achieving them. But you're so much closer than you think, Aquarius. 

Your Tango explains that while you may be feeling far, you're actually on the precipice of greatness. Just as you will with your communication, jump headfirst towards your goals. Use the power of the new moon to take those extra steps you've been prolonging, there's no time like the now to make your dreams a reality. And what better energy than that of Aries season to push you to take bold risks and chances, and reap the benefits. Have the audacity to see no bounds to what you can achieve, only when you see no limits can you truly begin to push them.