Selena Gomez Debuts New Haircut That's Sure To Be The Most Sought-After Spring Look

Selena Gomez has given the world an array of Instagram-worthy hairstyles over the years, and she just debuted another. For instance, the singer previously had side bangs in the late 2000s, and went "bronde" a few years later, before eventually transitioning to a platinum blonde. In recent years, she has rocked some very on-trend haircuts, such as the 1970s-inspired shag and a blunt lob, per Elite Daily.

In Spring 2022, hairstyles including the shag, a variety of bobs, and '90s-inspired layers will continue to reign supreme. Stuart Marsh, who is the color director at Taylor Taylor London, told Refinery29 that more curly-haired people will be opting for bangs, too, allowing for a new look without a major chop.

These sentiments were echoed by hairstylists Michael Van Clarke and Frédéric Fekkai in Allure. Layers of any kind allow for more volume and motion to play with, says Van Clarke, especially in lobs. While Fekkai thinks that bobs of all types, including those with fringe, are on the rise.

Selena Gomez hopped on the Spring 2022 hair trend train

Well, Selena Gomez has hit the nail on the head, as she now has curly bangs and a voluminous lob. On Thursday, March 31, she turned to Instagram to show off her new hairstyle, writing, "New hair who dis?" According to People Magazine, Orlando Pita gave the pop star this new cut and was one of many, many people to drool over it in the comment section.

As mentioned, this is not the first time that Gomez has hopped on the trendy hair train. Each time she does, she inspires others to change up their looks, and that will surely be the case this time, as well. Therefore, if you were looking for a sign during this spring season — a sign to rock your curls, get bangs, try a lob, post a selfie, or add some marvelous movement to your luscious locks — this is definitely it, so why not give it a try?