New Survey Reveals Which Royal Has The Most Attractive Eyes

No matter what you think about the royals, there's a good chance that you think something. Britain's royal family unfortunately doesn't have a television show or social media channel to give the behind-the-scenes look at their lives (You know, unlike America's royal family — The Kardashians). The royals are many things, depending on who you ask. But, according to a Lenstore poll, people think one of them has more attractive eyes than the others. Yes, this is an actual thing. Because there's always something to talk about when it comes to the royal family.

Of all the royals, and there are quite a few now, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Meghan Markle are without a doubt the most talked about in recent years. The world watched the boys grow up and marry for love. Now, they're here to tune in to their every moves, like any other loving parent on Facebook. But with a new generation comes a new thing to talk about. The world has spoken on everything from the Royal Wedding to the Oprah interview, and now they're weighing in on who has the most attractive eyes. 

When it comes to the two power couples, it turns out that people have very different views. Judging from only their eyes, people have some very specific thoughts on who you can trust, who you can't, and who is the dreamiest. 

Prince William has the 'most attractive eyes'

In what might be the most surprising news that you've heard all day, Prince William was voted to have the most attractive eyes in Lenstore poll. According to the brand, 1 in 9 found Prince William's eyes the most attractive when presented with multiple options. Yes, even against his own brother. A whopping 4% even rated him to have the dreamiest eyes of everyone. Of course, the poll is supposed to be all about the eyes, but the fact that he's also a literal prince probably has something to do with it. 

That's not to say his bright blue eyes are to be undermined. Unfortunately, the future King of England wasn't on the very top of the list. While Prince William was the top voted royal for most attractive eyes, it was Paul Rudd who landed himself at the top of the list. America's sweetheart, Rudd quite literally beat out a prince for dreamiest eyes. Do with that what you will.

According to the poll, people found Prince William's eyes to be "humble," "caring," and "sad." Which is an odd combination to land you third overall for the most attractive eyes, but that says a lot more about us than it does him. 

Prince Harry's eyes are 'sneaky'

Despite having the same blue eyes as his brother, Prince Harry was ranked as having "sneaky" eyes in the Lenstore poll with a whopping 17% of people. So maybe being a full-blown prince isn't the only thing carrying Prince William to the top of the poll. Or, you know, there really was a fall from grace when Prince Harry decided to drop the royal title. Either way, this poll is obviously more subjective than scientific.

Prince Harry used to be known as the rowdy one at one point in time. Before his days of wooing Meghan Markle, the royal even was deemed as "royal bad boy" by some. So it comes as a bit of a shock that he didn't land on the list of most attractive eyes. 

Fans have been a little hard on the once-royal lately. The public had harsh things to say about him not attending his grandfather's memorial, despite not being granted security by his own family for the trip. Could that play into why they think his eyes are "sneaky," "untrustworthy/dishonest," and "self-centered"? We'll let you be the judge of that one. 

People think the exact opposite of Kate Middleton's and Meghan Markle's eyes

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle seem to be a bit of a yin and yang of royal spouses. While Middleton has stood by Prince William's side and not made too many waves in the royal sphere, Markle got on national television and did an interview with Oprah about her time in the royal family. It turns out that the public sees these two's eyes as a yin and yang situation as well.

According to the Lenstore poll, people ranked Middleton's eyes as "honest" while Markle came is as "untrustworthy." There seems to be a bit of a stark difference in royal standing between the guys and the girls. Among the other adjectives for Middleton were "intelligent" and "caring," while Markle's were "sneaky," "crazy," and "angry."

Could the politics of the world have something to do with the rankings? Of course. The Guardian does report that Americans are more sympathetic with the once-royal couple now more than ever. Either way, something tells us that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won't be losing sleep after seeing the poll.