The Truth About Stephanie's Child, The Musical Group RPDR's Rose And Jan Are In

Neither Rosé nor Jan won their respective seasons of "RuPaul's Drag Race," but they both came pretty close. And, as fans of the long-running reality show can attest, sometimes not winning is the best outcome — particularly for fan favorite queens. More importantly, though, Rosé and Jan are long-time drag sisters and even girl group colleagues. In an interview with Nylon, Rosé revealed there was absolutely no jealousy about her following in Jan's footsteps to compete on the hit reality show. 

"Jan is so proud of me. Jan is one of the most supportive friends I've ever had in my life, so she's thrilled for me," she enthused, adding, "And at the end of the day, we're very similar, we're very close, and we perform a lot together. But when it comes down to it, we are very different drag queens with very different skill sets." However, the Season 13 star was eager to bring the crown home to their little corner of the world, considering her top four placement a win for Jan and fellow sister Lagoona Bloo too. 

Jan, meanwhile, took her shocking "All Stars 6" elimination on the chin, her trademark optimism shining through in a post-exit interview with EW. Tellingly, Jan shared that she was busy working on music both by herself and with their girl group, Stephanie's Child. So, what's the deal with these talented New York ladies?

Stephanie's Child came together through their love of singing

As Out notes, what makes Stephanie's Child stand out from similar drag performers is that they're capable of launching into a perfect three-part harmony on the spot. Put simply, this lot can really sing. Originally formed in 2017, the group is comprised of Jan (aka Jansport) and Rosé, both of whom are "Drag Race" alumni, and their New York sister Lagoona Bloo. Each member, crucially, is an established and professionally-trained singer.

Aside from performing at Pride events all over the US, Stephanie's Child took their act international by headlining London Pride alongside "Drag Race" fan favorite Alyssa Edwards, and also opened for "All Stars 2" winner Alaska on tour. However, nothing compared to performing alongside Jessie J on "The Voice" (via YouTube), with Jan describing the moment as "a childhood dream come true."

Their name, obviously, is a reference to Destiny's Child, with Season 13 runner-up Rosé telling it fit their overall goals for the band, while the sort-of rhyme cracked them up. The Glam Award-winning trio met through the Lady Liberty drag pageant and hit it off thanks to their shared lifelong love of singing. Alongside their regular gigs around New York, Stephanie's Child aims to take over the world. 

All three members remain focused on lifting each other up

Stephanie's Child competed on "America's Got Talent." However, per Cheat Sheet, judge Simon Cowell sealed their fate with some characteristically harsh criticism, which prevented the girl group from making it to the finale. To be fair, Cowell has a way of knowing if a contestant will be a star, but he was clearly wrong in this instance. Still, their popularity ultimately led to "The Voice," where Rosé, Jan and Lagoona Bloo performed team-up anthem "Bang Bang." Coincidentally, the song was also covered on "Drag Race." 

Clearly, there's nothing stopping these ambitious queens, which is what brought them together in the first place. In an interview with Instinct magazine, Jan revealed, "My mind has always been laser focused about getting to the top; and that is the same with (Stephanie's Child members) Lagoona Bloo and Rosé. We all just want to be the very best." Moreover, she made it clear all three members strive to include each other in their individual successes. 

In a follow-up chat with the outlet, Jan also shared her enthusiasm for creating more music alongside her New York sisters, opining that they "are just so talented and I want America to fall in love with them like I have fallen in love with them." Speaking to Screen Rant, the following year, Rosé confirmed Stephanie's Child will always be a priority, even if each member needs their own time in the spotlight.