The Perfect Piercing For An Aries

Everyone who's ever experienced a night out with an Aries has probably had a night they'll never forget. According to InStyle, Aries live for adventure. This high-energy fire sign is super determined, and we pity anyone who's ever fought one, as their refusal to back down can be quite intimidating.

We recommend that you learn about your sign's most prominent traits, as fully understanding your zodiac's influence on your personality can help you figure out how a new moon will affect you and even make choices, including the books you need to read.

Bustle noted that Aries are very well-known for their spontaneous outlook on life, so we'd expect them to be the sign most likely to get a new piercing on a whim. If you're an Aries, and you decide to get a hot new piercing next time you're out with your friends, we know the best location choice for you.

Nose piercings match Aries' energy

Born between March 21 and April 19, an Aries' wild and free mentality makes them come off as super intriguing and fun, with PopSugar even explaining that rocking a nose piercing will match that cool girl persona.

According to Co—Star Astrology, Aries typically have a fearless attitude and don't usually care about the potential consequences of the risks they take. Since this fire sign doesn't let others' opinions stop them from doing what they want, they won't worry about what people think about face piercings. While some more cautious or nervous signs may be concerned about people viewing them as troublemakers or giving them less professional opportunities because of judgmental stereotypes surrounding face jewelry, an Aries would be willing to take the risk without blinking an eye.

If you want to get a nose piercing, you can find examples of plenty of options to consider on Instagram. For a minimalistic look, you can never go wrong with a small stud in one nostril. If you want to make more of a statement, rock a hoop instead for a bolder look. For a much edgier style, wear piercings on both nostrils for a head-turning look.

What you should know about nose piercings

While some brave Aries may want to get their nose piercings with little research beforehand, Healthline noted some things to think about first. Getting a nose piercing typically hurts more than ear piercings, but shouldn't feel excruciating and happens super fast, so it won't feel like torture. A while after it's done, it may hurt a bit, but not too much. Also, when you go to get your piercing, it's crucial to come in with a relaxed mindset, and try to avoid eating right before your appointment. 

Furthermore, you should make sure to go somewhere you trust, and if you have a choice of materials, choose something of a good quality, such as implant-grade steel, 14 or 18 karat gold, or platinum. Since it's going in your face, trusted materials are worth the investment. Depending on where you go and what you choose, your nose piercing should cost between $30 and $90.

Caring for your new nose piercing is also crucial, with Byrdie explaining how to take care of it. New nose piercings have a risk of getting infected, so make sure to keep that in mind. To prevent infections from happening, you should only touch your new piercing with clean hands, and don't get water on it until it's completely done healing. A nose piercing usually completely heals between three and six months, and Byrdie recommends cleaning your piercing with saline wipes two times per day — and carefully washing the piece of jewelry every day.