The Perfect Piercing For A Cancer

Self-expression comes in many forms, and one of the more creative and fun ways to express yourself is through body art. You might even consider makeup to a form of body art, though it's temporary, while getting a tattoo is such a permanent decision. 

However, piercing is a great way to demonstrate your personal style that allows you to choose when and where to wear it (once you're over the healing stage).

Keep in mind that a piercing isn't just for the ears or face. It can be done basically anywhere on the body. Granted, some places are more painful than others to pierce (via Byrdie).

Piercing styles are as varied as the people who wear them. Since buying one requires a little more thought than a new lipstick or hairstyle, it helps to look into what kinds of piercings you prefer before going to get one done.

One great way to identify your piercing likes and dislikes is to consult your zodiac sign. Whether it's what type of dog breed to welcome home or what kind of houseplant to get, astrology can clue you in to your personal preferences.

A belly-button piercing lets Cancer reminisce

You might think Cancer is an unlikely sign to get a piercing. After all, they can be traditional, but they also have a streak of childlike excitement that resides deep within. They're big nostalgia buffs, so anything that reminds them of childhood and good memories is going to attract them.

In the piercing world, Cancer is well-suited to a belly-button piercing (via PopSugar). Belly-button rings came into popularity in the early 2000s, when celebs like Britney Spears and Beyoncé debuted their dressed-up navels (via InStyle). Now, over 20 years after the initial belly-button piercing explosion, the look is back in style.

Be warned: This type of piercing requires a commitment. According to WebMD, the navel needs careful attention. A piercing there doesn't fully heal until one year after it's done, and it can close quickly if the ring is taken out. 

You also have to be careful to not get clothing stuck on it, and be sure to dedicate yourself to proper cleaning and care during the healing period to avoid infection.

Cancers like the flexibility of a nose ring

Another piercing that suits Cancer is a nose ring, per Cosmopolitan. This piercing fits right in with the water sign's guarded sensibility and concealing nature. A nose piercing can be shown off whenever the mood strikes by wearing a big hoop, or it can remain subtle with a small stud when the sensitive crab feels like retreating.

Regardless of the size or type of hoop or stud, a nose ring isn't something that you go into without careful thought. Luckily, Cancer is all about planning. This piercing can take several weeks or even months to fully heal and requires daily care to prevent infection (via Healthline). You'll want to use a saline solution to clean the area twice daily and avoid changing the jewelry until fully healed. 

Yet, once it's fully healed, you're free to change up the ring to suit your mood — which, let's be honest, changes pretty often if you're a Cancer.