The Truth About HGTV's Building Roots

HGTV is one of the most popular networks on television. According to The New Yorker, the uncomplicated and relaxing nature of its programming has helped the network to not only withstand the new streaming trend, but rise above it. Many viewers have admitted to turning on HGTV to unwind. Fans include the likes of Hillary Clinton, who admitted to watching as a form of "self-care" after losing the 2016 presidential election.

The network's popularity — according to Ad Week, HGTV was one of the top 5 for viewership in 2018 — has allowed it to continue creating new shows. In 2021, HGTV aimed to add 16 to the lineup. That included the likes of "Everything but the House" and "Home Again with the Fords," both of which feature HGTV stars we have grown to love. The network also introduced some new faces; for example, Luke Caldwell and Clint Roberston took the lead in the Idaho-based "Outgrown" (via House Beautiful).

There are also big plans for 2022. One of the most anticipated new shows this year is "Building Roots." Here's everything we know about HGTV's upcoming renovation series.

Building Roots is set in Colorado

HGTV has traveled to Colorado in the past. For example, fans watched a mother-daughter duo search for a first home in Denver, Colorado on "House Hunters" and a California family hunt for a new home in Colorado Springs, Colorado on "Mountain Life" in the past. Now viewers will get to watch an entire series based in the Centennial State.

"Building Roots" features husband-and-wife team Ben Dozier and Cristi Dozier. According to HGTV, the show will follow the couple and their family as they renovate homes and live an outdoor-centric life. Interestingly, the Doziers aren't originally from Colorado; both Ben and Cristi hail from Texas, and it's there that they started their business, Root Design Company. 

A move to Pagosa Springs, Colorado sparked exciting new adventures, and Ben and Cristi's home there — a 100-year-old Victorian situated on the water — offers a quirky view into their personal lives. The Doziers settled in, bringing their family, their business, and their new HGTV show along for the ride.

Ben and Cristi Dozier are more than just home renovation professionals

Ben Dozier and Cristi Dozier, the new stars of HGTV's "Building Roots," are home renovation experts, but there's more to them than that. They opened Root Design Company in 2004 in Austin, Texas and quickly expanded the business. The pair don't only design homes; they've also taken on destination and commercial properties and have assisted with brand development. 

According to their website, Ben had an eclectic array of jobs before honing in on his renovation skills. He worked as a ski instructor and a ranch manager, making him quite multi-faceted. As for Cristi, she is considered the "Content Curator" for Root Design Company and is often responsible for the vision of their design projects. She also helps manage their other business venture Root House Coffee + Shop, a coffee and cocktail bar in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 

The Dozier family doesn't end with Ben and Cristi. The couple has four children: a daughter named Adelyn and sons named Gunnison, Creede, and South. Ben told HGTV that some of kids were named after Colorado towns.

Building Roots will feature personalized renovations

Many HGTV show hosts hone in on their personal style while designing on the network. For fans, we can often tell which star designed a home simply by looking at it. According to HGTV, "Building Roots" will take an entirely different approach. The show's aim is to steer clear of having a personal style and instead make each home unique to the owners. 

"I really believe that one of our greatest compliments is that no two of our projects look alike," Ben Dozier explained. "We don't want the project to be about us and what our style is. It's about what the client's style is and where they see their story going."

This is reflected in their business mantra: "If shelter is a basic need, build one you can't live without." The company aims to use their home designs to create a story for the homeowners. According to their website, the Doziers and their team at Root Design help create a vision for their clients, and then they bring it to life with their talented team of artisans and craftsmen.

The first episode will bring Ben Dozier and Cristi Dozier back to their roots

According to Broadway World, the very first episode of "Building Roots" actually features a couple from Texas looking to move to Colorado. This story is likely ringing a bell as it is similar to Ben and Cristi Dozier's. In the series premiere, viewers will get to see the couple's talents come to life and watch along as they create an awe-inspiring outdoor space for their clients' home, which sits along a river.

The episode premieres April 10 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. In the sneak peak for the premiere, Cristi and Ben tour the grounds and give a bit of insight into their creative vision. They opt to create a fire pit space on top of a boulder in the backyard, and it appears that the clients are more than happy with the end result. "This is like a mountain dream, this is what we are here for," they gush. "It feels like now the house matches the land."

Building Roots will join other new HGTV series

If you are excited for some new faces on HGTV, then you are in luck. "Building Roots" is just one of the newest series to join the network. According to Deadline, HGTV is in the process of adding several more shows to the lineup. Some have already premiered. Here's what to expect from a few.

On "Holmes Family Rescue," a family team helps homeowners who have been hurt by untrustworthy contractors and bad construction in the past. "Moving for Love" follows couples as they search for a new home to live in together. There's a catch, though: In the process, one partner is moving their life to a new city. HGTV fans can also see more of "Survivor" alum Kim Wolfe as she hosts "Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?" Meanwhile, "Renovation Goldmine" focuses on upcycling and using items homeowners already have.

"Renovation Goldmine" premieres April 30 (via Broadway World). "Building Roots" will air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. If you can't wait until April 10 to see what the show is all about, you can get a sneak peak of what to expect from the Dozier clan on Instagram.