Prince Charles Is Representing Queen Elizabeth At Another Royal Event

Queen Elizabeth II's relationship with each of the royal family members is unique and interesting, and they're usually reverent. For instance, despite his legal and social trouble, Prince Andrew's relationship with Elizabeth appears healthy to the public. Andrew recently escorted the queen to the late Prince Philip's memorial service in March, much to the public's disappointment (via People). Of course, this comes after he settled his court case with Virgina Giuffre and had largely disappeared from the public eye for several months, per CNN.

Elizabeth's relationship with Prince Charles is equally, if not more, healthy. Elizabeth is 95 years old, and as such, she needs help managing the crown. Enter Charles, who has accepted increased royal duties alongside Prince William, Kate Middleton, and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, among others (via Metro). Naturally, Charles is also Elizabeth's successor, so preparing him to take on more royal duties works twofold in this situation. 

While Charles didn't escort Elizabeth to Philip's memorial service, he and Camilla will be representing her at another big event soon, showcasing their unity and bond once more.

Charles and Camilla are set to represent the queen at the Royal Maundy service

Through an official press release from the royals, it's been confirmed that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will represent Queen Elizabeth at 2022's Royal Maundy service on April 14. Royal editor Roya Nikkhah posted the announcement to Twitter, revealing that Elizabeth didn't discuss her attendance, or lack thereof, previously so as not to distract from the celebratory day. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise, as Elizabeth's health has suffered recently, including suffering a breakthrough case of COVID-19 (via People).

In another tweet, Nikkhah confirmed that Elizabeth wanted participants of the service to understand beforehand that she wouldn't be in attendance and that she would instead be represented by her son and the Duchess of Cornwall. Moreover, royal editor Rebecca English offered in a tweet that Elizabeth's walking problems may be a key reason for her missing the service. After all, Elizabeth has been seen utilizing a wheelchair, per The Daily Beast, so we know her mobility has caused her problems.

As explained by royal editor Chris Ship on Twitter, there are just four Royal Maundy celebrations that have not seen the queen in attendance, those being in 1954, 1960, 1964, and 1970. Most of these were due to royal duties, including being abroad on royal tours, or because of childbirth. Furthermore, this Royal Maundy service will be Prince Charles' first as representative of the crown, per Ship (via Twitter).

The Royal Maundy service sees the crown giving back money to those who serve their communities, typically tied to Elizabeth's age (via It stands to reason that 95 gifts will be handed out this year.