Names That Are Perfect For Taurus Babies

If your baby is born between April 20 and May 20, they are considered a Taurus. According to Romper, this means your baby represents the bull of the zodiac and is an earth sign, giving them specific traits you may discover only a few months into babyhood. Taurus babies love a good snuggle session, and while they may be viewed as sensitive, they are also very happy babies. They love music and dancing, and will gravitate towards pretty sounds. As they grow, Taurus children can be very loyal and strong-willed, which are important traits for childhood and beyond (via Scary Mommy).

You're bound to get the best and worst traits of Taurus while they're a baby, especially when they're upset, but as an earth sign, your baby will only grow more grounded and centered as they grow up. With all of this in mind, you may be wondering what names will best fit your Taurus baby. Whether you are having a boy or a girl, there are some great names out there that fit this sensitive yet bubbly little soul, just like being a Taurus can help you find your perfect pet or marriage.

Boy names for a Taurus baby

According to, a Taurus male is often viewed as a lover, and can be super easy-going. They are also gentle souls with a good nature and plenty of patience about them. (Let's hope this is true for those toddler years.) When it comes to naming your little boy, consider simple, earthy names like George, which means farmer, or Forest, which translates to "from the woods."

Other great names for a Taurus boy are Angus, which means bull, just like Taurus' symbolic animal; Clay or Clayton, another great earthy name; or Dillon, which means loyal, one of Taurus' biggest traits.

Girl names for a Taurus baby

Taurus females are strong-willed and avoid rules, but they are also simple people who love snuggling up with a good book (via Thought Catalog). Like their male counterparts, a Taurus girl is super loyal and kind, and if you have a Taurus as your daughter, you are sure to have a built-in best friend for the rest of your life.

If you want to stick closely to the Taurus theme, consider naming your baby girl April after the month that comprises the sign. Emerald is also a great name to choose, as it is the birthstone of Taurus children, or you can instead opt for Esme, which is a shortened version of the Spanish name Esmeralda, which also means emerald. Other great names are Adelaide, which means noble and kind, or Tess, an earthy name meaning "to harvest."

Gender-neutral names for a Taurus baby

Whether you are waiting to find out the gender of your Taurus baby or looking for a gender-neutral option, there are a ton of Taurus-centric names to choose from. Consider finding something earthy to match up with the earth sign. The name Hadley is not only a great gender-neutral option, it also means "heather covered meadow," according to Our Baby Namer

Other names include Wesley, meaning "western meadow"; Dillon, which means "faithful"; and Kelby, which means "place of flowing water."

Floral names for a Taurus baby

As an earth sign, it's only appropriate to give your baby an earthy name. In fact, according to The Million Roses, green is a super important color to Taurus, so naming your future child a floral name is a great idea. The official flower of the Taurus zodiac sign is the poppy, which is an adorable baby name in itself. Another flower that correlates with Taurus is the rose, which makes a sweet first or middle name for your little girl. Other flower names we love are Daisy and Lily.

Celebrities who share the Taurus sign

A great way to get inspiration for your baby name is by looking at your favorite celebrities. A ton of celebs share the Taurus zodiac sign, and their names may be exactly what you are looking for. Some of our favorite Taurus celebs include Gigi Hadid, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, David Beckham, Rosario Dawson, Rami Malek, Sam Smith, and Cher.

Choosing a baby name can be a daunting task, but fear not! If any of these names spoke to you even a little bit, add them to a list. Once you narrow down your options, picking the right one will be much easier. And no matter what you choose, it will be perfect for your Taurus baby. Just don't be afraid to opt for rare baby names, because you might fall in love with them.