The Perfect Piercing For A Sagittarius

It's hard not to love a Sagittarius. They have such a high likability that even when they display their worst character traits, you still find yourself drawn to them. Take their bluntness for example. Since everything they do is with the intention of searching for the truth and meanings in life (via Astrology), when they give a compliment or a criticism, you know with absolute certainty that they mean what they say. It's this brutal honesty that makes them trusted friends and partners (though if you're a sensitive Cancer, that may take some getting used to!).


For Sagittarius, life is the ultimate exploration game, so anyone who tries to tie them down or force them to conform will be in for a rude awakening. This can range from what kind of person they should marry down to what type of houseplant they should get. Everything in a Sag's life is going to have to exude personal freedom and make allowances for their innate will to go against the grain.

Why a helix suits a Sagittarius

Nothing says personal style like a piercing. Piercings are such an effective way to make a statement without having to utter a word. Though Sagittarius loves to talk, they also enjoy pushing boundaries (via Zodiac Fire), and a unique piercing is one way to do just that. Sagittarius detests being told what to do so you won't find them jumping on trends but a bold piercing will surely entice them.


A helix is not only a bold choice but has lots of options for where you can get it. Typically a helix piercing on the top part of your earlobe, where the cartilage is a bit more inflexible (via Cosmopolitan). You can get the outer part of the cartilage pierced or you can opt to pierce the very top of the lobe, or even pierce the part closest to your cheek. This is known as a forward helix piercing and is quite a dynamic look.

Since the cartilage is thicker at the site of a helix piercing, it's a bit tougher to pierce so it may sting a little more than a regular ear piercing. It can take 3-6 months to fully heal.

Throw in a nose ring ... or two

Since Sagittarius is known for taking on so many ideas and projects and then not quite being able to finish them all (via Co-Star), a single piercing may not be enough so here's another option. A Sag's innate thirst for knowledge, learning, and new things is unrelenting. This unquenchable urge for change is what drives them on daily basis. According to HelloGiggles, a double nostril piercing is right up a Sag's alley.


A nose ring takes some work and there's a tendency for infection and scarring, so it needs to be very carefully monitored and cleaned when healing. They're not thought to be high on the pain threshold, a nose ring typically takes a few months to fully heal. Love to Know recommends getting one nose ring done and then waiting until that fully heals before getting another one. Once healed, the options are endless. Sagittarius can use their creativity to get another piercing right next to that original or opt for one on the opposite side of the nose.