The Perfect Piercing For A Scorpio

Scorpio is hands-down the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. Born between October 23 to November 21, Scorpios don't enjoy being known and prefer to hide behind a mask (via Co-Star). The biggest threat to a Scorpio is vulnerability so they will sting when provoked, just like their symbolic Scorpion. That can make relationships a bit difficult, and if you're a Scorpio, there are certain people you shouldn't marry.

Yet, Scorpios can often be misunderstood. It's true they need to be in control and are the jealous type, but coupled with these dark traits are also some good characteristics. For example, they are very self-aware and loyal. This water sign is a good friend and committed partner.

A Scorpio's personal style mirrors their inner mystery. They prefer to reveal aspects of their unique personality through their own fashion and design, and piercings are one way to do it. Here are some piercings that reflect a Scorpion's enigmatic disposition.

Conch piercing for mysterious Scorpio

According to PopSugar, the ideal piercing for a Scorpio is a conch. If you've never heard of it, well, that's just the way sometimes cryptic, often clever Scorpio would want it (via Allure). A conch piercing is done in the inner lobe at the middle of the lower ear cartilage. Of course, in true Scorpio nature, the piercing itself can be easily concealed.

There are two ways to wear a conch. You can nestle a little stud in the hole or you can opt to be more dramatic and place a loop that extends out to the lobe of your ear and back around. Either way, a conch is a mysterious look.

A conch piercing takes anywhere from three to nine months to heal (via Elle). You may not be able to sleep on that side of your ear until fully healed. Since conch piercings aren't a run-of-the-mill piercing, it's worth finding a professional piercer that has experience in this type of piercing.

Unique daith piercing will intrigue

On the other hand, a daith piercing is another uncommon piercing that will delight a Scorpio (via Cosmopolitan). A daith piercing is just slightly above from the conch area, in the inner cartilage lobe to be exact. This can be a difficult area to pierce so may be a subject that feeds upon Scorpio's sense of intrigue. Since it's sure to start conversations, this unique style helps reinforce Scorpio's mystery and will to stand out in the crowd. 

Yet, Scorpios don't always feel like revealing themselves. They enjoy being secretive and often keep their emotions in though they may feel intensely unsettled inside (via mindbodygreen). So when the urge to conceal strikes, a quick brush of the hair can easily cover the piercing. 

Like conch piercings, daiths also take longer to heal than your average ear piercing. Anywhere from six to nine months is a rough estimate, though it can take up to one year to fully heal.