Why A Bridgerton Star Requested More Shirtless Scenes

In addition to drawing widespread acclaim for its fascinating fashion, swoon-worthy storylines, and captivating cast, "Bridgerton" is beloved for its steamy sex scenes. While Season 1 was packed with intimate moments, its successor took a different approach. 

Fans were disappointed by the lack of sex scenes, and Lizzy Talbot, intimacy coordinator for the Shondaland series, told Glamour the reason for the change. She revealed that the sex scenes were scarce because Kate and Anthony's love story was meant to be more of a slow burn.

"This season, it was going to be about enemies-to-lovers, the intense buildup, and the space between — the electricity that's happening in the space between these two characters and watching that slowly draw closer and closer together," she said. "So it was really clear about the buildup." 

While we understand why there couldn't be more shirtless Anthony scenes, this season could've given other characters a chance to shine. Calam Lynch, who plays Eloise Bridgerton's potential love interest, Theo Sharpe, would've been happy to volunteer (via Page Six).

Calam Lynch is ready for his close-up

In an interview with Page Six, "Bridgerton" star Calam Lynch revealed that he wanted a few shirtless scenes for his character, Theo Sharpe, joking that he works out often and would have appreciated the chance to show off his hard work. He added that he often suggested to producers that his scenes could be a bit steamier.

"I was pestering [executive producers] Tom [Verica] and Chris [Van Dusen] and everyone on set being like, 'What do you think? Maybe Theo's topless in this scene? Maybe he's doing the printing but he's topless.'"

While the 27-year-old didn't get the shirtless scenes he wanted this season, his budding relationship with Bridgerton daughter Eloise suggests that his abs might still make an appearance. Lynch reflected on Theo and Eloise's star-crossed situation.

"I hope they will [end up together]," he said. "I hope for Eloise's sake they will because I think Theo would be fine because he's come from difficulty, and while it would break his heart if they don't end up together, I think he'd find a way to carry on."