Donald Trump Just Described Himself In A Very Unexpected Way

Donald Trump somehow still has plenty of fans, both famous and otherwise. In fact, Kid Rock just included Trump in his tour in a strange way, reaffirming their mutual love for each other and further establishing just how much of a hold the former president maintains. 

Much of his appeal comes from Trump's untouchable self-belief. As Marie Claire details, the former reality star has made numerous eyebrow-raising claims over the years, including that he respects women and that any negative poll results about him are falsified. 

In 2021, The Washington Post confirmed that Trump had told a whopping 30,573 lies over four years, which averages around 21 falsehoods per day during his presidency. Moreover, Trump gradually lied more the longer he was in office, making about six false claims a day during the first year. 

And, as CNN points out, not all of these lies were huge or even potentially dangerous. Among other things, Trump refuses to acknowledge that it rained on the day of his inauguration, which, funnily enough, marked his first falsehood in office.

As presidential historian Michael Beschloss put it, in an interview with NBC News, "I have never seen a president in American history who has lied so continuously and so outrageously as Donald Trump, period."

His latest claim, then, is particularly galling. 

Donald Trump has an incredibly high opinion of himself

In a clip from a recent rally that's being widely circulated (and mocked) on Twitter, Donald Trump describes himself as "perhaps the most honest human being" in existence. 

The New York Post confirms the event took place in Selma, North Carolina, and involved the former president mounting unconvincing defenses for, among other things, his widely publicized tax avoidance issues and claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him. Trump's followers laughed at his honesty claim, presumably because they were in on the joke.

Rolling Stone reports that some of the controversial politician's biggest supporters were in attendance, including MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, who spent an ungodly amount trying to overturn the 2020 elections. During his incendiary speech, Trump also claimed that he would consider pardoning participants in the deadly January 6 insurrection, who have been forced to pay for their crimes, if he is elected again in 2024. 

"We will ... demand justice for the January 6 prisoners and full protection of their civil rights," Trump railed. "Like was received by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who murdered people throughout our country."

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, the former president doubled down on some of his wildest claims. He also blamed the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to stop the Capitol riot in its tracks, while simultaneously arguing that there weren't that many people calling for him to do so at the time.