Moriah Jasper Plath Shoots Down A Rumor About Her Love Life Before It Even Starts

Moriah Jasper Plath knows a thing or two about how the rumor mill works. After all, the 19-year-old became something of a household name after her family's reality TV show "Welcome to Plathville" debuted on TLC in 2019 (via Us Weekly). The show follows the teen and her eight siblings who have lived a sheltered life under their parents' watch in Georgia. Plath might have grown up following the rules. However, she identifies as "a rebel with a reckless heart" on Instagram. And that's a fact fans of the show will likely agree with.

Since finding breakout success, she has also expanded her brand and released some music. You can check out her song "Missed Myself" on Spotify under the artist name Moriah Jasper. Us Weekly noted that the release, which sounds a bit like a declaration of independence, sparked questions about the singer's relationship status.

Fans had already been closely following her relationship with Max Kallschmidt and learned that their love story came to an end (via ScreenRant). Despite that, Plath has faced engagement rumors in the past. Considering how much people care about her love life, you might not be surprised to learn she took some steps to get ahead of the rumors when she shared a new photo on Instagram today (April 13).

The photo in question featured what appeared to be a diamond ring...

Moriah Jasper Plath assured fans that she is not engaged after showing off some new bling

Moriah Jasper Plath likely knew that posting a photo of herself wearing a flashy diamond on her ring finger was going to raise questions. So, she made an attempt to beat back any potential rumors before they even started when she took to Instagram to post a photo showing off her passport. Fans were quick to notice that she was also wearing some bling on a very important finger in the pic.

Before you get any ideas, Plath said it is not what you think it is. "No that's not an engagement ring," she explained in the comments section of her post. The teen had a different explanation for the jewelry: "That's my never give up on my dreams ring." It appears that it was wise of the "Welcome to Plathville" star to get ahead of the curve. Many fans in her comments section were still asking about her love life even though she made it clear that she wasn't showing off an engagement ring.

We'll have to wait and see if her relationship status plays a role in the upcoming fourth season of the show. Distractify noted that the TLC staple premieres May 17, 2022. A portion of the plot will reportedly be about the rebellious teen who moved to Florida with her siblings Ethan and Olivia.

Who knows what else will go down on Season 4 of the show?