BTS Fans Have A Jaw-Dropping Theory About Princess Diana

The Korean pop group BTS has one of the most massive and committed fanbases in the world, officially known as the BTS ARMY (per Time). ARMYs always rally around the seven members of the band — Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — and often push BTS and their music to trend on social media.

One of the most recent instances where ARMY has caused BTS to trend online was during the 2022 Grammy Awards. After the group lost the award for best duo or group performance, fans started calling out the awards show for using the band's popularity to boost the show's ratings without awarding them. The fans were calling the Grammys the #SCAMMYS, which caused the hashtag to trend on Twitter (per Monsters and Critics). 

Now, a news report has revealed one BTS star is trending because of a shocking new theory about Princess Diana that someone posted to Twitter. 

ARMY members are having fun with the theory

On April 11, Twitter user @minfile posted screenshots showing that the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, was born the day after Princess Diana died. This prompted some BTS fans to theorize that the singer is actually the reincarnation of the British royal. The princess was killed in a car accident August 31, 1997, and Jungkook was born September 1, 1997.

Members of the BTS ARMY took notice of the Princess Diana and Jungkook dates and have since run with the reincarnation theory, posting side-by-side images of the two celebrities to illustrate their similarities. Others have taken a more humorous viewpoint. One Twitter user edited Jungkook into footage from Netflix's "The Crown," and at least one user created an account devoted strictly to posting hourly content about the royal and K-pop star theory. Another wrote, "the fact that the princess diana jungkook theory is starting to make sense just proves how absolutely off our rocker we as a fandom are."

Some ARMY members were quick to note the theory isn't new, posting, "its so funny bc ppl think this jungkook diana discourse is new but its been around for at least a year or two." One thing everyone seemed to agree on is that it has been too long since the popular band has released a new album. "We need a bts comeback soon, im starting to believe in this princess diana x jungkook theories, PLEASE," wrote one fan