The Perfect Piercing For A Pisces

Do you remember that one kid who always got caught daydreaming in class? They were probably either a Pisces or had some of this zodiac sign's traits. According to InStyle, people belonging to this water sign are born between February 19 and March 20 and have vivid imaginations, as they love escaping reality through daydreaming. Pisces is also one of the most sympathetic signs — some people even believe this sign has psychic abilities, and magic-inspired names are perfect for Pisces babies who will likely grow up to be very imaginative.

Additionally, YourTango explained that this water sign is notoriously sensitive. While Pisces may seem a bit overdramatic, other zodiac signs should try to refrain from getting annoyed by this moody persona, as they typically have good intentions and mean no harm. As such, Pisces may get upset about things that other signs wouldn't consider to be a big deal like if someone makes a joke about them or if this water sign gets a body modification they end up disliking. 

Since Pisces may get emotional if they don't like how a new piercing turns out, they should do extensive research to determine what's the right fit for them. Luckily, we already know the perfect piercing for a Pisces.

Septum piercings scream Pisces

While Pisces appear sweet and sensitive, they typically have a darker, edgier side as well. HelloGiggles noted that this water sign should get a septum piercing to display this often overlooked aspect of their personality. Pisces aren't afraid to showcase their individuality, and wearing such a unique piercing is a perfect way to show off your bold side.

Furthermore, Horoscope explained that Pisces are known for being very creative, and they often enjoy art. Septum piercings aren't as traditional as the more subtle ear or even nostril piercings, but people with an artsy, intriguing vibe pull off a pierced septum to perfection. Since Pisces are so creative, we know they'd look stunning wearing this statement-making face piercing.

If you're looking for some inspiration for different types of septum piercings, you can find a plethora of examples on Instagram. You can never go wrong with a classic hoop for a simple yet striking look, or feel free to explore sparkly options for a girlier vibe. If you really want to turn heads, rock a septum piercing and a nostril piercing for a super edgy style!

What to keep in mind before getting your piercing

We know a sensitive Pisces might feel a little anxious on the way to their piercing appointment, so we researched everything from how much it'll hurt to how to clean your piercing. Healthline has perfectly explained what you should be prepared for when you get your septum pierced. While the actual piercing process will feel uncomfortable, it happens very quickly and shouldn't feel excruciating. This type of body piercing will probably cost anywhere between $40 and $90, depending on where you go and the jewelry you choose. 

Most of the healing process typically only takes between two to three months, but sometimes the piercing doesn't fully heal for up to eight months. Another thing to remember is that sometimes wearing these piercings can cause you to smell a weird scent, which you can minimize by cleaning it diligently. According to Byrdie, you should clean your piercing a couple of times every day by soaking it with saline and it's best to avoid touching your piercing unless you're cleaning it. Try to refrain from getting soaps or moisturizers on the area while it's still healing.