Suzanne Somers Reveals Her Secrets To Healthy Aging

Suzanne Somers has been championing a health-oriented lifestyle since her days promoting the Thighmaster in the '90s, and it seems to be paying off. The 75-year-old actress appears to have just as much energy as she did when she played Chrissy Snow on the popular '70s sitcom "Three's Company" or Carol Foster Lambert on the '90s TV series "Step by Step" (per IMDb). The famous blonde told the New York Post that she loves aging, saying, "The older I get, the better it gets, the better I feel."

Even though Somers has committed years to taking care of her physical health, it hasn't always been easy. She told ABC News that she noticed issues in her mid-40s including trouble sleeping, low libido, and itchiness. Then in 2000, the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Today, a cancer-free Somers sees her diagnosis as being the wake-up call she needed. She has since transformed her health, now embracing getting older and kicking ageist stereotypes to the curb. No matter what age you're at, the actress shares several healthy aging tips worth stealing.

Pay attention to your hormones

Suzanne Somers sees hormones as a crucial part of aging gracefully, calling them the "juice of youth" (via Park Magazine NY). The actress says that hormones influence nearly every aspect of life, including sex. While studies show that most people have less sex as they age, Somers says that hormone treatments are largely responsible for her getting frisky with husband Alan Hamel twice daily.

The Thighmaster queen recommends everyone get their hormone levels checked once a year to track hormone declines or changes over time. For hormones that need a boost, the star turns to bio-identical hormone shots and creams containing estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones.

These types of hormone treatments haven't been found to be safer than traditional hormone replacement therapy, according to Mayo Clinic. Aside from Somers' preferred methods, you can balance hormones safely through habits like limiting sugar intake and lowering stress levels (per Healthline).

Refuel the right way

Food plays a key role in healthy aging. Some foods, such as potato chips, age the body through inflammation, while others (fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods) protect the body and fight signs of aging (via WebMD). Suzanne Somers understands this well. She stands by her practice of only eating foods that she can "pick, pluck, milk, or shoot," according to her interview with Prevention. The actress prefers organic, "real" foods that don't come out of a box or bag, and when possible she prefers to eat straight from her own garden.

Somers started eating this way after her cancer diagnosis and hasn't looked back. She also takes supplements and vitamins regularly to avoid any deficiencies. Even though the 75-year-old keeps a watchful eye on what she puts into her body, she told HollywoodLife she never diets or deprives herself of indulgences like full-fat dairy, red meat, and alcohol.

Be a sleeping beauty

For Suzanne Somers, sleep is an essential part of healthy aging. In an episode of "Watch What Happens Live," Andy Cohen asked Somers how others can tap into the star's fountain of youth. She mentioned that she sleeps seven or eight hours every night "except for when [husband Alan Hamel] wakes me up."

In a 2012 post from her official Facebook page, the actress explains in depth how she believes that getting eight hours of sleep each night is fundamental for healing the body and balancing hormones. But instead of popping a sleeping pill, she suggests only sticking to "natural sleep" triggered by a slow wind-down routine before bed. Somers also takes a melatonin supplement to help her drift off to sleep.

Experts agree that rest shouldn't be neglected if you want to maintain a long, healthy life. Studies show getting plenty of rest can make you look younger, as well as ward off chronic disease.

Get moving

Between promoting 27 of her own books and regularly appearing on talk shows, it's no surprise Suzanne Somers leads an active life. For her, being active is important to stay youthful and protect herself against illness. The cancer survivor explained this to the New York Post, saying that she believes "Cancer hates oxygen. What happens when you exercise? You oxygenate your body."

Somers' go-to workout routine is yoga every other day, which she's stuck to for nearly two decades. She also claimed to still be using the Thighmaster "religiously" in a 2017 interview with Entertainment Tonight, along with the Buttmaster.

In 2020, the actress suffered a series of injuries that demanded a break from her exercise regimen. First, she fractured her hip after jumping from a stalled tram on a hill (via People). Months later, Somers announced on Instagram that she dislocated two vertebrae after falling on her stairs. The injuries served as a reminder that while fitness is important, so is taking a much-needed time-out.

Listen to your body

While borrowing Suzanne Somers' aging tips verbatim might seem like a good idea, Somers herself would likely disagree. The star advocates for listening to your body and its unique needs. While talking to Park Magazine NY, she urged, "We have to learn the language of our bodies. Itching, bitching, lack of sleep, sweating, bloating, forgetfulness, being dried up; that's the body talking. Those symptoms are your body telling you it needs some help ... Listen to your body."

Somers thinks women in particular need to tune into their bodies. When chatting with the New York Post, she noted how women can be critical of their bodies, more focused on how they look in front of the mirror than what they're capable of doing. She sums this up by saying, "My big message to aging women is, it's not over. We women are so incredible. We work, raise our children, run our households, and do a million things in a day."