Proof That Jennifer Garner's Relationship Is Getting As Strong As Bennifer's

After rekindling their romance after almost 20 years apart, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are ready to walk down the aisle once again. The Oscar winner popped the question to Lopez with a stunning green ring, and the actress and singer shared the exciting relationship news during a video to fans, per People.

One of the first people to respond to the couple's news was Affleck's ex, Jennifer Garner, who showed how she really felt about her former husband's second engagement to Lopez. "She is happy if he is sober and he is doing well, both of which he is and both of which are of utmost importance to JLo," a source told Hollywood Life.

Another reason for Garner's approval could be that she has also found love again. The actress has been dating businessman John Miller, whom she met through mutual friends in 2018. While they took a break in early 2020, they got back together the following year. "Jen brings out the best in John, and he is the happiest he has probably ever been. It's a loving, healthy relationship," a source told Us Weekly.

But while Affleck and Lopez's relationship has moved at warp speed, Garner has definitely been taking things slow with Miller. Although he is reportedly ready for marriage, she is not quite there yet. The couple, however, did recently take a major step in their relationship.

Jennifer Garner and John Miller have introduced their kids to one another

While engagement rumors flew last fall, notes Page Six, no public announcement was ever made that Jennifer Garner and John Miller are planning on tying the knot any time soon. They have recently taken a big step in their relationship, though: introducing their children to one another. Garner shares three kids — daughters Violet and Seraphina, and son Samuel — with ex-husband Ben Affleck. And Miller has two children with his ex-wife, Caroline Campbell.

"John's kids finally met Jen's kids," an insider told US Weekly, explaining that they were in attendance at a food drive the actress held to celebrate her 50th birthday. "Lots of kids and family were invited, including John's kids, his parents, his brother and his [brother's] wife." The source added that the meeting was "casual and easy."

Although Garner and Miller are fully committed to one another, they were being cautious about having their respective broods meet up — until now. In fact, the source revealed that the couple plans to "incorporate their kids more" into their relationship, leading some to believe that Garner might be wearing her own engagement ring sometime soon.

"They are totally set on a long-term future together," the source said. "They've taken their time to get this committed."