How Nate And Lauren From The Ultimatum Feel About Having Kids Now

If you watched Netflix's "The Ultimatum," you likely have a lot of questions. On top of wondering what you just watched, you might be looking for details about where the couples are now. The reunion episode of the show gave us a lot of those answers. Madlyn Ballatori showed up pregnant and Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles were, well, there. They skirted the question of children throughout the series, but the couple finally announced their stance on kids once and for all. 

For those of you that haven't dove into Netflix's latest reality show, the premise starts with the title. There are six couples who are all there for the same reason — their partner gave them an ultimatum. Either they get married or they leave. Since they couldn't decide on their own, they break up, experience a "trial marriage" with one other person, and then decide if they want to leave with someone else, alone, or with their original partner. It's just about as dramatic as it sounds.

Cue what was arguably the messiest scenario. When no one wanted to choose Ruggles but Pounds was about to choose another man, he proposed, as seen in episode 2. He claimed in his proposal that he realized he didn't need kids anymore. Off-screen, he was fuming that Colby Kissinger was about to choose Lauren. 

Naturally, the world wanted to know if they came to an agreement about future children. The answer might just be a silver lining.

Lauren and Nate agreed on children — kind of

There were a lot of shake-ups on the reunion episode of "The Ultimatum," but some of the questions were simple. "Are you still content with the idea that maybe kids will never happen," Nick Lachey asked Nate Ruggles point-blank during the episode. Unfortunately, the question seemed too painful for him to answer. He talked in circles for a bit about how the couple didn't think the experience was right for him.

Alexis Maloney, who joined the show with her partner Hunter Parr, asked exactly what was on everyone's mind. "Are they having kids or not," she blurted out from the other side of the stage during the reunion episode. "Not yet," Ruggles replied. But it was Lauren Pounds who gave the answer everyone was looking for. "We have agreed to have one for now," she said. 

There you have it. Pounds and Ruggles are on track with one kid. While that's not exactly kids, which Ruggles stressed on the show, it is a start for the couple. As long as they're happy with their decision, nothing else matters. 

Lauren set the record straight once and for all

Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles might still have some conversations to have around the idea of kids, but there's one thing that they could agree on. According to Pounds' Instagram, the two are engaged. She wasn't just referring to the weird table-side proposal that we saw on the show, though. The couple apparently had a redo and are set to get married in October.

That's not all she weighed in on, either. She also set the record straight on her thoughts about having kids. "As far as our decision on kids, it needs to be understood that I never said that I didn't want children, I said that I was on the fence about them," she explained. "We worked through our obstacle off camera, and our decision to have 1 child was come to with love and careful consideration, not force or sacrifice."

Ruggles also weighed in on the couple's engagement in an Instagram post of his own. "Lots of people find love, not very many find their perfect person. I'm so thankful to find both in this amazing girl," he wrote in a the caption alongside a photo.