The Mystery Behind Alexa Demie's Age

When young celebrities make it big in Hollywood, it's pretty common for them to amass quite a following of fans. In the current age of social media, especially, many celebrities are made widely available to the public — sometimes to a not-so-favorable degree. For celebrities who are open and vulnerable about their lives with the public, there can be an occasional backlash or spike in negativity they face. This has been the cause for many celebrities and public figures alike to become more private about intimate details of their personal lives, or allow room for a little mystery and speculation when it comes to the inner workings of their off-screen personas. Singer, actor, and director Alexa Demie is no stranger to this choice.

Until very recently, Demie's age had been a source of confusion among many of her fans. While the "Euphoria" star does have social media accounts on sites like Instagram and Twitter, she doesn't use the platforms to reveal many details about herself. Unlike many other celebrities, she doesn't seem to mind remaining a little aloof — which might explain the mystery behind her age.

Alexa Demie's age might surprise you

Despite her presence on social media and being on a smash hit show like "Euphoria," Alexa Demie has been quite successful at keeping a low profile in the public eye. In fact, while the multi-hyphenate does have a verified Twitter account with over 415k followers at the time of writing, it doesn't have a single published tweet, nor does the actor appear to follow anyone else on the platform. This behavior is somewhat mirrored on the actor's Instagram account where, despite having 25 posts and 11 million followers, Demie does not use a single detailed caption on her photos.

Because of the enigma Demie has become over the years, many "Euphoria" viewers and fans of the actor have anxiously awaited confirmation of several details about her life — including her age. We didn't have much information to base an answer on, until a viral TikTok was posted on February 17th, 2022, by user @amber_lizette25. In the TikTok, the user opened a high school yearbook dated back to 2007 and pointed out a photo of a student that appeared to be Demie, under the name Alexa V. Wilson (according to PopBuzz, her full name was Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom, until she changed it to Alexa Demie in 2019). Based on the yearbook filmed in the TikTok video, Demie would now be 31 years old.

She was previously believed to be a different age

For fans of the Alexa Demie, her secrecy has been a continued source of conversation online (per Newsweek). In a viral tweet from September 2020, a Twitter user shared several images of a very young Demie with other stars, including some of the Kardashian sisters. The photos definitely appear to be from the past, leading many fans to question what the actor's age really is. Also mentioned in all of the internet conversations were several news profiles done about the singer and actor, which contributed to the chaotic confusion.

In a profile of Demie by The New York Times, published in September 2019, the actor was said to be 24 years old. This profile was not the only one to claim that for Demie, as her November 2019 profile in Vulture mentioned that her age was 24 as well. While the actor herself has yet to publicly confirm how old she is once and for all, it appears that her IMDb profile states her birthdate to be December 11, 1990 — aligning with the TikTok aging her at 31 years.

She stars as a teen character in HBO's Euphoria

As most of her fans know, Alexa Demie has become a household name portraying the role of Maddy Perez in the HBO series "Euphoria." The teen drama covers a wide array of serious topics, including teen substance abuse, domestic violence, death, and sexuality. In her role as Maddy, the actor has had to act in some pretty heavy scenes, especially those with her on-screen boyfriend Nate (played by Jacob Elordi, via IMDb). The relationship between Maddy and Nate is played out as a rather toxic one, which may not come as a surprise considering the environments in which each of the characters grew up.

Maddy's parents don't have a loving relationship at all, much to her disappointment. Despite her efforts to point that out to her mother, things don't seem to change, so it makes sense that Maddy would struggle to cultivate a truly healthy relationship when she hasn't had a great example to learn from. In "Euphoria"'s second season, Maddy has her 18th birthday, so all of this trauma is a lot for her to deal with at such a young age. Luckily, though, the show follows a fictional storyline, which also speaks highly to Demie's incredible acting chops.

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Her previous roles have also been on the younger side

Although playing Maddy Perez on "Euphoria" can definitely be considered Alexa Demie's breakout role, she is no stranger to the spotlight. Per IMDb, the actor's first role was the character Sara in the short film "Miles." From there, she had a notable role in the A24 film "Mid90s," as Estee. Estee appears in the film to be in her late teens, and the film's main character, Stevie (played by Sunny Suljic, via IMDb), was said to be 13 (per Pajiba). In "Mid90s," Stevie has his first sexual experience with Estee, which was the cause of some backlash against the film, according to Pajiba. In a 2018 interview with Dazed, Demie said about the sex scene, "I had a lot of anxiety about that (at first) because obviously there's somewhat of an age difference between Sunny and I."

Other, less controversial roles Demie has played include the role of Marina in season two of the Netflix series "Love" (via IMDb). Marina's character is a teen actor on the set of the fictional TV show "Witchita," which Demie would have played while she was in her twenties. While we're still awaiting her official age confirmation, it's clear there are plenty of her characters we can enjoy watching in the meantime.