The Truth About Bob The Drag Queen And Monet X Change's Friendship

They're two of the most beloved stars in "RuPaul's Drag Race" herstory and, together, they're even more powerful. Bob the Drag Queen notably emerged victorious in Season 8, while Monét X Change competed in Season 10 before re-emerging in "All Stars 4" and ultimately sharing the win with Trinity the Tuck, who just announced major life news that has nothing to do with the hit show. Soon enough, though, both "AS4" victors will face off again in an upcoming season.

As Entertainment Weekly confirmed, the seventh installment of "All Stars" sees winners from all corners of the "Drag Race" franchise battling it out to be crowned the "Queen of All Queens." The "All Stars 7" cast has fans shook, but whether or not Monét emerges victorious once again, at least she has her fan-favorite friendship with Bob to fall back on. If she doesn't win, it's likely the lovable duo will mine the loss for hugely entertaining content, though, since their friendship has proven lucrative thus far.

Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change host a podcast together

As Cheat Sheet notes, after competing on "Drag Race," Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change joined forces for hit podcast "Sibling Rivalry." The name is a play on the fact many fans assume the two are related since they frequently perform together in matching outfits and have a similar sense of humor. However, they're not literally related, nor do they come from the same drag family either. Monét did tell Thrillist, Bob "is part of my chosen family," though, so that's something. 

In a review of their live show, Instinct magazine pointed out that the biggest pull of seeing Bob and Monét perform together is watching them bounce off each other. "Their friendship excels in an arena like this, where they can crack jokes with us throughout the show while giving us some amazing performances slapped in between," they enthused. In an interview with Five Senses Reeling, both queens shared that spending quality time together was their favorite part of bringing the show on the road. 

As Bob explained, "It's probably going to be a lot of arguing, a lot of bickering, but also a lot of supporting each other and having your best friend there when you're really wrecked at the end of the day." 

Bob the Drag Queen's favorite queen shouldn't surprise you

Anyone who listens to "Sibling Rivalry" can attest that, by the featured queens' own estimation, they spend plenty of airtime bickering like, well, actual sisters. But underneath it all, Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change are ride-or-die BFFs. And that was never clearer than when Attitude asked the Season 8 winner to name her favorite "Drag Race" queen and Bob wasted no time shouting out her long-time podcast co-host. 

"Monét X Change and it's completely unbiased," she responded. "Monét is a really brilliant drag queen; she's funny, smart, talented, beautiful, ambitious; and she can sing, dance, sew, and do makeup." However, before her now BFF showed up on the hit show, Bob favored Season 5 competitor and "All Stars 2" victor, Alaska. Meanwhile, when it comes to Bob's favorite person, she chose her mother. At least they'll always have "Sibling Rivalry." 

NPR notes the lovable duo started the podcast to keep in touch despite how busy they were. Monét described the show as "just honest conversation and conversations we have all the time, and just us arguing." 

Monét X Change learned how to be a winner from Bob the Drag Queen

The love and respect shared between Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change is clearly mutual since the "All Stars 4" winner credits her beloved friend and co-host with inspiring her "Drag Race" win. In an interview with Billboard, Monét admitted, "I wasn't intimidated by the competition because Bob really taught me a great deal about self-confidence." She continued, "He taught me, 'Girl, when you through that workroom, you won.' That's the mentality that I had walking in [to 'All Stars 4']." 

Monét has been open about how much "Drag Race" means to her, telling the New York Post competing in Season 10 changed her life forever. "Being able to sell out my one-woman show across the UK and the US — never in my wildest dreams did I believe it would be possible so early in my life. I thought I'd have to work years and years and years," she said, acknowledging the hit reality show helped launched her career into the stratosphere. Naturally, Bob was a big part of that. 

Would these two ever face off against each other on Drag Race?

Fans were up in arms upon learning all winners weren't invited to "RPDR All Stars" Season 7, most notably Bob the Drag Queen herself. It's a real shame, because when the Gay Times asked Monét X Change who she'd most want to compete against in an all-winners season, she unequivocally chose Bob, whom the "Sibling Rivalry" co-host is just dying to beat. In fact, when Monét won her first "Drag Race" challenge, Bob told her, "win a season then come talk to me."

Monét countered to the Gay Times, "First of all, I have two crowns, I have Miss Congeniality and I have the same crown and scepter so he has nothing to say." The two frequently fight online, albeit always in a joking manner, with Bob memorably admitting on Twitter, "I think about physically assaulting @monetxchange at least 3 times a day." Of course, her best squirrel friend hilariously replied, without skipping a beat, "How about you physically assault a makeup brush?" 

Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change are stronger together

Although they clearly love each other to death, Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change love nothing more than stoking the flames of conflict, hence why "Sibling Rivalry" continues to be a must-listen. Bob even made fun of RuPaul Charles's response to an alleged feud with world-renowned queen Pabllo Vittar by tweeting, "I LOVE & SUPPORT Monét X Change+ Shame on you catty twitter trolls trying to create a (sibling) rivalry." She also didn't quite understand why anybody cared about her not being cast on "AS7." 

Still, it's a shame we've been robbed of the opportunity to see these two battle it out for the crown. But maybe they're too close to actually compete. In an interview with EW, Monét credited Bob with teaching her one of the most important skills in a drag queen's repertoire. "I come from this world of synching with Bob the Drag Queen in New York City, and I learned how to lip-synch from him, going to see his shows in New York," she revealed. 

Aside from the podcast, the lovable duo also collaborated on a track entitled "Soak It Up."  They may not see eye to eye on everything, but one thing's for sure; they're better together.