Why Donald Trump Doesn't Think Meghan And Harry's Marriage Will Last

Donald Trump isn't the biggest fan of Meghan Markle. As The Independent reported in September 2020, the former commander-in-chief admitted during a news conference at the time that he didn't like the Duchess of Sussex and wished her husband, Prince Harry, the best of luck in dealing with her allegedly difficult behavior. Markle notably supported his rival, President Joe Biden, in that year's election, which rubbed Trump the wrong way. 

During a subsequent appearance on conservative British channel GB News, Trump reiterated his position and even argued that Markle had been "disrespectful" toward Queen Elizabeth II, whom Trump described as "a historic person" (via Twitter). As CBS News pointed out, when the former President visited the U.K. in 2019, the Duchess of Sussex seemingly opted out of meeting him, which further amplified Trump's feelings about Markle.

Trump definitely has an ally across the pond though when it comes to his apparent dislike of the Duchess since former "Good Morning Britain" host Piers Morgan's rant about Markle broke a record. Morgan's antics were officially named "the most complained about TV moment in Britain in 2021," according to Newsweek. So, when Trump and Morgan teamed up recently, their conversation naturally turned to the former "Suits" star. 

Piers Morgan's new show is already causing controversy

The Irish Mirror confirmed Piers Morgan — who infamously stormed off the set of "Good Morning Britain" after refusing to walk back his controversial comments about Meghan Markle — has been gifted a new show as part of the launch of the network TalkTV. Morgan's deal is worth tens of millions of dollars and sees him fronting an interview-style program entitled "Uncensored." The premise surrounds Morgan saying the kind of things people are reportedly afraid to say nowadays.

Promotional clips were recently released featuring a testy chat between Morgan and Donald Trump, which appeared to show the former President walking out after being pressed on a certain issue (per The Guardian). However, Trump's team claimed the clip was manipulated to make him look bad, and, actually, he stood up to say goodbye to Morgan at the end, shouting to "turn the camera off" simply because the interview was over. 

Morgan and Trump have sat down for many interviews over the years, and their chats typically generate headlines, too. During an appearance on "Lorraine," Morgan asserted, "The promo reflects exactly what happened. Donald Trump got very angry about one particular thing and he couldn't let it go. But when people see the interview they'll see that we have nice exchanges. We always have done before," (via The Guardian).

Donald Trump reckons the Sussexes are headed for a messy divorce

"Piers Morgan Uncensored" promises to reveal the truth about everything, and the TV personality had Donald Trump on as one of his first guests. According to the New York Post, during the duo's lengthy chat, the former President shared his thoughts on Prince Harry's marriage to Meghan Markle. Trump described Harry as "whipped," chastising the Duke of Sussex for "being led around by his nose" by Markle. The former "Apprentice" host noted again that he didn't like the Duchess of Sussex from the outset, taking particular issue with her mean comments about Harry's family and especially his beloved grandmother, the queen, of whom Trump is also a vocal fan.

In fact, former President Trump said he believes the Sussexes should be stripped of their royal titles (even though, per Deadline, they already were upon stepping down). Most pertinently, Trump believes the couple will divorce once Harry comes to his senses about what Markle has truly put him through, "Or maybe when she decides that she likes some other guy better," (per the New York Post). Either way, Trump, who has been married three times himself (via Insider), reckons it isn't going to end well for them. We'll have to wait and see whether the controversial politician, who confidently told Morgan, "I've been a very good predictor, as you know. I predicted almost everything," is correct.

Piers Morgan has a long-running, one-sided feud with Meghan Markle

It was inevitable that Piers Morgan and Donald Trump would end up discussing Meghan Markle on Morgan's new show since both men have spent the past few years heavily criticizing the Duchess of Sussex in public. Morgan notably walked off his talk show set after a fiery disagreement with colleague Alex Beresford, but his issues with Markle date back to when she, as he put it, "ghosted" him following a casual date in London. The controversial TV star shared the story during an appearance on "The Late Late Show" in 2018, telling host Ryan Tubridy that the two had built up a friendship before meeting in person but, soon after, she went on a date with Prince Harry and the rest is history (via YouTube).  

As The Wrap notes, this alleged diss led Morgan to publicly bash Markle on "Good Morning Britain," even asserting her claims of feeling suicidal during the former actor's time with the royal family were lies. He has also widely accused her of "backstabbing," being "a social climber," and only caring about herself. Morgan even claimed that Markle should give her estranged father another chance despite Thomas Markle selling paparazzi photos and publicly criticizing her relationship with Prince Harry. 

Trump, meanwhile, claimed he hadn't called Markle "nasty" despite there being an audio recording of him doing so, (per The Guardian). Now, it seems as though he and Morgan make good bedfellows. 

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