How Many Bachelors Are Still With Their Winners?

When it comes to "The Bachelor," we may come for the on-screen romances, but we stay for the drama and entertainment. This popular show revolves around a basic premise: one man is introduced to approximately 30 suitors who he gets to know over the course of several weeks. By the end of the series, "The Bachelor" will have discovered his match, and in theory, propose to his true love.

From the cutthroat drama and highly anticipated rose ceremonies, there are so many things to love about this reality TV series. Sadly, while many of the show's 26 seasons have ended in an engagement, most of the couples have not stood the test of time. In fact, there have been some extremely short engagements in Bachelor history. That said, while it may be the exception and not the rule, there have been some rare couples who have found their happily ever after on this show. As of right now, three of the "Bachelor" couples have been able to weather the relationship storms over time, as noted by Cheat Sheet. Evidently, these couples were here for the right reasons.

After a few bumps in the road, Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are still going strong

Matt James and Clayton Eckhard have a few things in common. Not only were they the most recent Bachelors to be featured on the franchise, but they also happen to be the only Bachelors who are still dating their final rose recipient.

That's not to say it was easy for either of these two couples to find their happily ever after. The Season 25 Bachelor, James, gave his final rose to Rachael Kirkconnell, choosing not to propose to her at the end of the series, but rather continue their relationship off-screen (via Insider). Thankfully, Kirkconnell seemed to be on the same page as her partner.

Things almost seemed too good to be true, until the couple was quickly embroiled in a scandal. Soon after Season 25 began airing, some of Kirkconnell's previous racist behaviors came to light. Photos were released of the Wake Forest graduate attending a plantation-themed party in college and dressing up as a Native American, among other accusations (via Bustle).

While this racism scandal eventually lead to a break-up between Kirkconnell and James (as well as bad news for Chris Harrison and his future with "The Bachelor" franchise), it didn't last for long. After a few false alarms, the duo revealed they were giving their romance another go in May 2021, as noted by Us Weekly. And they are still going strong!

Against all odds, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans are moving in together

As for Clayton Echard and his final rose recipient? Their relationship journey was also less than smooth sailing, to say the least. In one of the most dramatic moments of Season 26, Susie Evans broke things off with Echard after she found out he had slept with the two other final contestants a week before he planned to propose (via Us Weekly). To top that off, the Missouri-native had made another major faux pas: he had also told the two other contestants that he loved them. "If I'm sharing your love with somebody else, I don't think I would be comfortable [saying yes]," Evans explained, when justifying her need to end things with "The Bachelor," at the time. 

However, it didn't take long for the two to rekindle their romance. On "The Viall Files" podcast, Evans confessed that she immediately reached out to Echard after they parted ways in Iceland. "I got my phone back, called my parents, and DM'ed Clayton in the airport," Evans shared. 

And the rest is history. Echard, who has since spoken out about his confrontation with Susie, admits that he is "happier than I've ever been," in an interview with People. While the couple has chosen to take things slow and not get engaged, Echard is moving to Virginia so that he and Evans can move in together, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter.

Sean Lowe is the only bachelor who has stayed married his final rose recipient

Last, but certainly not least, is Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's relationship. Not only has this legendary couple made it work over the years, but they are also the only couple in the history of "The Bachelor" who have gotten married and stayed married (via Cheat Sheet).

After revealing their love for one another in the season finale, the pair walked down the aisle less than a year later in a televised Santa Barbara wedding, as noted by Us Weekly. According to The Talko, Lowe and Giudici even resisted the temptation of the fantasy suites, and waited to get intimate for the first time on their wedding night.

While Lowe and Giudici are still happily married, they have been open about the struggles they faced during their first few years of marriage. In the "Unzipped" podcast, the Texas native got candid about the obstacles he faced during his first couple years of marriage. "In the beginning of our marriage, we had growing pains, which for those newlyweds out there who are listening and like maybe it's a little rocky, that's normal," Lowe shared. Thankfully, the couple toughed it out and they "don't experience that too often anymore." Lowe and Giudici now share three kids together, Isaiah, Samuel, and Mia (via People).