How The April 30 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Virgo

The upcoming new moon on April 30 is a big deal in the world of astrology (via Bustle). Not only will this new moon be a powerful time for shifting, but it takes place on the same day as a solar eclipse and also happens to be the second new moon of April, making the event a "black moon solar eclipse," which carries with it dual meanings and, according to astrologists, a lot of power. 

Astrologically, new moons are considered a time for new beginnings (via Yoga Journal). Unlike full moons, which tend to be about harvesting, new moons are about planting. Sewing the seeds of intention during a new moon is meant to help you focus your energies so that they can grow and blossom with the waxing of the moon. 

Eclipses, meanwhile, are known to be times of immense shifting. If we have strayed from our paths or gotten distracted, confused, or off-track, eclipses tend to set us not-s-gently back on course, even if they have to shake things up pretty quickly and all-at-once to do so (via Bustle).  

How Taurus season affects this new moon

This particular black moon solar eclipse takes place in the grounded, focused sign of Taurus (via Bustle). Taurus season encourages us all to re-focus on our goals, on our physical-world needs, desires, and motivations, and to take intentional steps to create the change we wish to experience. In order to open ourselves up to the new energies and opportunities coming our way, we have to tie up old loose ends and plant seeds for new growth and new patterns to emerge. 

This new moon solar eclipse will be sort of a launching pad to catapult us in that direction. If you prefer to make such changes slowly, this celestial event has other things in mind for you; namely, you won't be able to avoid or sweep-under-the-rug the things that you've left on the back burner. Expect inspiration and motivation to come rapid fire at this time, as the alignment of the stars and planets lights a collective fire underneath each of us. 

If you are a Virgo, an already-focused and practical earth sign, here's how this event will effect you. 

How Virgo will be affected

Well, practical, pragmatic Virgo, this might surprise you; while this new moon and solar eclipse are inspiring many other signs to take stock and get organized, it asks you to do something quite different: let go (via Woman and Home). As much of a homebody as you can be, and as much as you rely on planning and preparation to keep yourself feeling grounded and in-control, this particular lunation will have you feeling uncharacteristically bent on adventure. 

You don't need to justify this to yourself or over-plan; allow yourself to follow your heart and let the winds take you where you are meant to go. Pick a destination or adventure that resonates with you, and don't plan the rest. Just go. This will help you to feel a type of freedom you often don't allow yourself, and will allow new doors to swing wide open to you once you see that even when you relinquish detail-oriented control, you are still the master of your fate and attract exactly what is meant for you at the right time.