How Many Children Does Brooke Have On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Brooke Logan Forrester of "The Bold and the Beautiful" may be a grandmother now on the 35-year-old soap. But, when the show first premiered, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) was no more than a student working her way through college with a catering company. 

And that's where she met two men who would go on to father children with her (via Soaps In Depth). Of course, they weren't the only men to give Brooke a child. For a while there, every time Brooke turned around, she seemed to be pregnant.

In 2022, Brooke acts like a helicopter mom with at least one of her adult children, always concerned for the girl's emotional state and especially worried about her love life. She also tried her best to get her adopted grandson, Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri), not to tell any of her dirty little secrets that the boy witnessed (via Soap Hub). All in a day's work for Mama Brooke.

But how many children does the longest-running female character on "The Bold and the Beautiful" have?

Brooke and Eric have a son named Rick

When Ridge Forrester (then played by Ronn Moss) rejected Brooke for his first love, Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson), Brooke sought friendship and comfort in Ridge's father, Eric Forrester (John McCook), and the two fell in love. 

When Brooke got pregnant, Eric divorced his longtime wife, Stephanie Forrester, and married Brooke. Soon after, their son, Eric Jr., whom they called Rick, was born (via Rick (Jacob Young, pictured above) grew up to be very Forrester-like and fancied himself a ladies' man like his big brother, Ridge. 

However, Rick finally settled down with Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), a transgender woman with whom he fell in love. By using Maya's sister, Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards), as a surrogate, they even gave Brooke a granddaughter: a little girl named Lizzie. 

Sadly, the last we heard, Maya and Rick broke up while living in Europe, and that's where Rick still is. But the door is always open for him to return to the fictional version of Los Angeles on "The Bold and the Beautiful" (via Soaps In Depth).

They also have a daughter, Bridget

When Brooke first gave birth to Bridget after her marriage to Eric ended, she truly believed that Ridge was her daughter's father, which is why they named her Bridget — as a combination of their two names.

After a few years, it was eventually revealed that Eric was Bridget's father (via Things became even more bizarre when Bridget (then played by Jennifer Finnegan) was grown and Ridge learned Eric wasn't his biological father (via Soaps In Depth). That meant he and Bridget weren't actually related, and Bridget fell for him (via Remember, this was a man Bridget whom believed was her father at one time.

Currently, Bridget (now played by Ashley Jones, pictured above) is back in town working as a doctor and is assumed to be raising her young son, Logan (via Soaps In Depth). If "The Bold and the Beautiful" ever wanted to start another teen scene on the soap, Bridget's son and Brooke's grandson could become teens any time the writers choose.

Brooke is mother to a daughter named Hope

Brooke's younger daughter, Hope Logan Spencer, was born of true soap scandal. Brooke had an affair with Bridget's husband, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). 

Although Bridget may have been very young when she married Deacon, he was still her husband, and her mother did sleep with him and have his child (via Soaps In Depth). As the years went by, Bridget, who helped deliver Hope in a remote cabin, learned to accept her sister in her life. As adults, the two get along.

Adult Hope (Annika Noelle, pictured above) has also given Brooke a granddaughter named Beth. And, when she adopted Thomas Forrester's (Matthew Atkinson) son, Douglas (via Soaps In Depth), Brooke became the grandma with secrets, like kissing Santa Claus on New Year's Eve. 

It turned out that Santa was really Deacon because, the more things change, the more they stay the same with Brooke.

The couple has a son named RJ

Brooke just couldn't seem to ever stay away from Ridge — or the men that her daughter, Bridget, loved. 

The next man for mother and daughter to fight over was Nick Marone (Jack Wagner). When Brooke learned she was pregnant yet again, she thought Nick was the father, but it turned out Brooke finally had a child with Ridge after all these years (via Soaps In Depth).

The last we saw of RJ Forrester (Anthony Turpel) was in 2016 when he returned home from boarding school and started a romance with Coco Spectra (Courtney Grosbeck), the teenage sister of Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). After RJ and Coco were in a car accident, where thankfully everyone survived, it seemed he was sent back to boarding school but sometimes returns for holidays (via

The next time fans see him, he might even be a full-grown man.

It's complicated, but Brooke has a son named Jack

Brooke can't ever do things simply when he comes to having children. In fact, she didn't even give birth to Jack (via Soaps In Depth). By the time Brooke got over Nick Marone, he fell for her mortal enemy and Ridge's other on-again-off-again wife, Taylor Hayes (then played by Hunter Tylo, pictured above right). 

Nick and Brooke went through an in vitro procedure to have a child using an anonymous egg donor, and it turned out to be Brooke's egg. Since Taylor carried the child and gave birth to him, Brooke resigned herself to Taylor raising the boy she named Jack (via

However, Taylor could never manage to bond with the baby, so she signed over all legal rights and gave him to Brooke to raise. Jack hasn't been seen in quite a while, so it could only be assumed he's at boarding school and could return as a teenager or a young man any day now.