How The April 30 New Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aries

April 30 is an important date for those who follow astrology. Not only does the day begin with a solar eclipse, but it also ends with the second new moon of the month, or a Black Moon, per Bustle. This lunation is said to be a powerful one, giving off major vibes of fresh starts, some possible endings, and some very important events as the universe clears the slate for some new opportunities for many members of the zodiac, per PopSugar.

If you're an Aries, the new moon on April 1 was said to bring attention to your self-confidence, as well as your friendships. Aries also had their goals pushed into focus during the lunation, per Bustle. However, the second new moon of the month is said to be shifting focus for the fire sign and will prove to be all about your personal finances as well as your journey with spirituality.

Aries should focus on finances during this new moon

If you were born under the sign of Aries (March 21 to April 19), the new moon in Taurus on April 30 is set to bring some big changes to you in the form of your finances. According to BestLife, Aries should be laser-focused on their money situation during this time, which includes creating a budget and sticking to it. It may be a good time to set some serious financial goals for yourself, including what you want to save, or perhaps even consider an investment opportunity. Be sure to track your spending habits so that you can create a nest egg.

Furthermore, Woman & Home notes that Aries will receive some financial abundance around the time of the new moon as well. So, if you've been stressing about money, some good things may be headed your way. Since Aries will be lucky when it comes to finances this month, they may also want to consider asking for a raise or even look for a new job that offers a higher wage.

Meanwhile, Aries may also want to work on honing their spiritual side.

A spiritual awakening may be in the cards for Aries during the new moon

According to Allure, the new moon on April 30 will give Aries some inspiration to end the month with some time for spirituality. As April ends and May begins, the fire sign may feel compelled to engage in some spiritual activity, including meditation, manifestation, or even starting a gratitude journal. Since the new moon is a great time to start something new, set goals, and begin new chapters in life, if you've been looking to become a more spiritual person, now could be the right time to start practicing.

In addition, Glamour suggests that Aries could benefit from finding a course or class to take, or possibly just picking up a book and learning something new about a topic they've been interested in. Communication will also be key for the sign as the new moon and eclipse occur, so be ready to be open and honest in your conversations.

It appears that the new moon will be very productive for Aries if they're willing to put in the work.